Construct 2 freezes since last update

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  • Hi!

    Do only i have this problem? Since the last update C2 freezes quite often. Sometimes i just have to wait some seconds, sometimes i need to switch to another application and back to C2 for getting it to respond again. This is a bit annoying when working with C2.

  • When you say last update, are you referring to the latest stable release r195?

    What Os?

    At what point does it freeze?

    Does it freeze in the editor when doing a particular task?

    Have you changed anything else on your system recently?

    Much more info needed from you in order to determine if there is a fault in C2 or your system.

  • Yes, i refer to the latest stable update. I have Win 7 64-bit and changed nothing here on my system.

    Construct freezes at no special point: Sometimes it freezes when i press a button,

    sometimes when i open the file menu. Then it stops

    for 1 to 3 seconds or, when i want to open the export options for example, the option

    dialog only appears after i switch to another app in my taskbar and then back to C2.

  • i have same issues since last stable release (190), sometimes when freezing it also kills the graphicscarddriver.

    Problem occurs on two different computers with totally different hardware setup.

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  • It looks like mostly people with the steam version have this lag issue. Is there any solution for this? I already disabled the steam overlay, without changing anything. I really love C2, but this permanent freezing of the interface makes me crazy...

  • If you can corroborate that it is an IDE issue with the steam version than maybe it would be best to make Ashley aware.

  • sometimes when freezing it also kills the graphicscarddriver.

    This strongly suggests a problem with the graphics driver, not Construct 2. Are you sure your drivers are up to date?

  • i have the latest drivers, but its pretty old hardware

    ATI Radeon HD 5450 20.11.2014

    Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset Family 04.10.2012

    would you suggest getting newer hardware?

  • I sent a mail to Julien and he said for i install everything new and update my graphic card driver (this is like the standard answer you always get )

    I reinstalled C2 & my drivers and at first it seems that everything works fine, but now it starts again that the C2 enviroment doesn't respond quite often when pressing a button in the event sheet or just trying to open the file menu.

    The editor hangs for some seconds before responding to my input. It really is no fun to work at all with C2 at the moment.

    I have a feeling it might be a steam issue, but also if, the developers should go after this, maybe make contact with the steam staff to figure it out - maybe it is just something new in the steam api that should be changed.

    Also because i bought on steam i paid a (for me not so small) amount of money, for that i could aspect that the software works. (special because i really like C2 more than any other game engine).

  • I have the same issue with steam and C2 having periodic lags. I have had it for months and just deal with it. My graphics card drivers are up to date. I have to minimize C2 a few times or alt+tab to other programs and it usually goes away for awhile but then comes back. It will even lag in the middle of typing text into a field which I cannot see as being graphic card related at all.

  • can agree, i use Catalyst Software Suite 14.12, amd driver.

    the gui gets very slow , after minimized, normal window state it works awhile.

    from minimized to normal window mode i can see how the gui build up,

    then its awhile ok. maybe a ms .net runtime problem?

    also sometimes in beta the new windows for selection are behind the editor.

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