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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!

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    For free using Construct 2 are nothing, imposible to create a game only with 100 events((

    You can make small games with 100 events.

    Agree limits are too high ... I'd rather go to use MMF2) Where by the way, the exporters in the open access allowed ...

    Well.... you could buy it... No more limits :-)

    Well.... you could buy it... No more limits :-)

    Yes, but when I am an student, and my parents earn $ 200 a month - to buy the program no money ((

    The free edition isn't limited to 30 days - it lasts forever.

    You can make small games in 100 events. I'm sorry if that's a difficult limit for you, but we can't give away the full software for free, otherwise it wouldn't exist at all! No paid edition, no free edition, no Construct 2 at all. So I'm afraid we have to stick with what we've done so we can keep developing it.

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    Early Adopter License for Scirra Construct 2: $32

    That's such a huge amount! Imagine how many pizzas you could afford with that, how many games you could buy, hell, you could get yourself a pair of shoes with that.

    Clearly $32 is FAR too much for some software that you can create production-quality HTML5 games with. How dare Scirra put a price tag on it!

    I don't want to live on this world anymore. When is the next Mars-bound ship?

    I think the price of Construct 2 is really cheap...

    So if you can't afford it, practice it with the free edition until you can.

    Or ask it to SC ... :)

    There were 2 competitions where you could win standard license, there is one actually running and I bet there'll be other in the future. 100 events limit is enough, the only limit is to come up with a good idea.

    Well now... I think most of us here come from rich countries. If you come from a country that isn't so rich then 32 dollars is much more money.

    But at the end of the day you have to sell to people in the rich countries.

    C2 worth its prices. This a amazing well created peace and the developpers are constantly updating it. Where I live a bigmac costs $ 4,86 so I just stop eating bigmacs 6.58 and add the money! Okay, all limitations removed. I'm not saying it's easy, but worth it if the product suits you.

    There are any contest running?

    Man, if you have no money to buy Construct 2 than the solution is simple, just use Construct Classic, and be happy.

    The custom plugins can be helpful in reducing the number of events you use, making it even more possible to do games with the free edition.

    It's true that price is a matter of perspective, in richer countries, it is "nothing", in poorer countries, it sounds like a lot.

    Most craft requires tools. Tools have prices. After it's up to the user to make his/her choice and give himself the means for its goal.

    And as said, there's a contest up and running in the stickies of the C2 general forum : Fun chowder's game competition.

    you also could try to help this guy :


    he offer 100 $ to make him 50 sprites

    Construct Classic

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