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  • Hi hello, I been having some issues with construct 2 free edition; sometimes in the event sheet i can make 5 events before the event sheet stops working and sometimes 1 event. Example:

    If i try to destroy an object (Player) when touches another object (Spikes) the object (Player) will not destroy but if I close the program and I open a NEW* project then the event sheet will work but after a few more events (less than 5 events, sometimes after 1 event) the event sheet will not work. So, this happens when i run the game for testing.

    I am using windows 7

    Gtx 680 Gpu

    i-7 processor

    16Gb RAM

    Google Chrome

    I really like the program, I wish i could fix this to see the potential of this program and look forward to buy it !

    Thanks for having the time to read my post

  • Could you upload a capx file (that has the non-working event sheet inside it) and post a link here to it? You won't be able to post links, so remove the http:// from the beginning of it.

    Also what C2 version are you using?

  • version r-216, this is the Url localhost:50000

  • tavio localhost:50000 is your local host , it only work for you

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  • oh what should i do?, do i need to up load the game on the store? or how do i make it work for every one to see?

  • tavio You need save the project in a single capx and upload on dropbox ,MEGA etc

  • you still need to add at the beginning (h t t p : / / w w w . )

  • I already downloaded , I will take a look

  • Thanks

  • Here is the solution, just change the event sheet

  • WOWOW!!!!!!! you are totally Right i did not know that!!! Thank you very much!!! it make a lot of sense.... Thanks again Dellong!!!! you are amazing!!

  • tavio

    you still need to add at the beginning (h t t p : / / w w w . )

    There is no need to make so many posts.

    You can use the 'pencil' icon in the post 'green header' to edit your post, and the 'X' to delete mistaken posts.

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