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  • I've been using Construct 2 a lot recently and I'm getting a lot of help from video tutorials for the more general things, but certain specific problems of mine are harder to pin down.

    That's where this forum comes in: there are a ton of questions that mirror my own problems, and the answers all seem to satisfy the OP because their responses to the responses are always along the lines of "wow that worked, thanks!". The problem is that more often than not the solution itself is never in the responses of the query. A lot of people usually just ask for the capx file and edit it and send it back, and (at least during the time) everyone else who was around could also access the same file to see what went down and learn from the edited version. Almost all of these links are dead now—files missing from the dropbox links, links themselves not working, and (in some cases) no links or attachments of any kind present in the response. It wouldn't be so bad if the responses themselves had at least some description of or clue as to what was attempted in the solution, but you'd be lucky if you found at least one that did that. In all cases I've seen, they let the capx file itself do any explaining.

    Which leads me to the point of this post.

    Don't get me wrong, I recognize the importance of an old forum space being kept up for future users to learn from, but there's not much learning here (if anything, I learned that once upon a time ago someone learned the answer). In about than half the topics I've looked into, it always sounds so mysterious because what were once clear solutions are now just vague references to things that might have worked, and now we'll never know. Even the curated links of how-to's in one post are all but. Formerly wellsprings of what were once pieces of knowledge to be shared; now decrepit wells, hollow and echoing.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'm frustrated at how many topics I've clicked on only to find a missing file/link/answer that clearly was correct. I could have solved a ton of things just by going through this forum but instead I'm spending hours at a time sifting through video tutorials hoping they even slightly touch upon what I'm currently struggling with.

    I think the other disappointing part here is that I can't think of a solution to this problem. These C2 forums are all but dead as most people have moved on to Construct 3. And it's not like someone will take the time and effort to go through every single post made here just to remove defunct links/capx files/discussion threads. I sure as heck won't do something like that, and I never expect from others what I myself won't do.

    I guess for now I'll just go back to the video tutorials and hope I learn something there.

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  • I agree a lot of dead links/capx. For some post you don't need to have capx if it's explained there. There's still lot's of people that use c2, so I'm sure not half of the users have switched to c3 only or use it (cuz it ain't that perfect. nothing is)

    edit: also just make a post to request those capx, believe it or not people still use construct 2/3 since 4 to 5 years ago.

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