Construct 2 feels weird?

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  • I recently bought construct 2, and after sometime now toying with construct classic I cant help but say that construct 2 feels weird...

    I know it's still under development and such, but it feels so incomplete =/ I mean the sprite editor doesnt even has 'paint brush' like controls so I can quickly edit some little pesky bugs that other programs like photoshop cant solve =/...

    When I was trying to resize sprites in the layer window, I held shift and it did nothing... like, wasnt it supposed to lock my resize window so it doesnt stretch like whatever?

    Am I the only one that got this feeling or it's really because it's new and still under development?

    Anyway, sorry about all the complains and such, had to share these feelings and I need to know if I'm the only one that feels weird =/

  • Yeah, I understand, the ability to draw in CC's image editor was really handy for quick blocky prototyping.

    Also, the absence of homothetic resizing can be annoying sometimes.

    But nothing really limitating, you can still create some quick square and circle for fast prototyping in an external app or use the sprite packs has placeholder. And for resizing, a simple calculation can do the trick.

    So I understand why it's not already here. C2 is still growing... Just have to be patient and cope with any weirdness (:

  • C2 is early in development.. It IS very incomplete.

  • We're still working on Construct 2. That's why we've marked down the licenses by 50% for our early adopter's deal. We hope to have all this remedied soon! Then, once it's all done, you can use it all with your cheaper license too. So as long as you're a little forwards-thinking, we hope it still works out as a good deal for you.

    FWIW, proportional resize via Shift is added in the next build, and we're hoping to get picture editor tools done soon as well.

  • That's cool, sometimes I've to get my calculator to resize the sprites LOL

  • so I can quickly edit some little pesky bugs that other programs like photoshop cant solve =/...

    I'm not sure I follow this. What could photoshop not solve?

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  • In my case, at least in construct 1, I was having some trouble with transparent areas.

    While in photoshop it was showing everything ok, as soon as I exported the images and put them on construct, some little pesky white pixels appeared randomly around the image, sometimes 1 or 2, other times like 20 or so =O

    that's some exporting bug that was happening to me, not all the time though, I've got pretty good transparencys with lots of sprites

    Anyway Ashley, thanks for ur feedback, it really feels nice to know those things are coming next patch =O

    And I'm not saying it wasnt a big deal, just making sure I wasnt the only one with this strange feeling, I just had to let it all go and share those feelings ya know

    but thanks again all construct 2 dev team. =)

    Edit: corrected some grammar, sorry about my weird english i'm not a native =/

  • Is really different. But you will see, is so so so so better now.

  • I wonder, what kind of feedback to you guys need in order to make a better app? Just wishlists doesn't seem all that useful. Like are there specific areas you are focusing on that you wish you had more feedback on? Or perhaps you want to know among 10 things which one the community wants more? Stuff like that.

  • I think one of the best kinds of feedback is small usability things, e.g. "I keep opening this dialog and clicking the wrong button... how about swapping them round?" or "I keep making this kind of event, a little feature to help would be great..." - usually they're quick fixes and just make everything go a bit smoother and nicer for everyone. Wishlists tend to be heavyweight features which don't generally go for that angle.

  • Well, if you're looking for small things... *ahem* One thing that would be really convenient is a shortcut key for inverting, and maybe one to toggle disabled too. The second one's not that bad; if you have to disabled multiple events, you can highlight them all with Ctrl and then disable them all at once. Inverting, though, only inverts the specific event you clicked on.

    So, either make a shortcut, or let you invert multiple events at once. After typing this out, the latter sounds much better, actually. Pretty please. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Oh, see that's exactly the kind of thing I didn't realise was bothering people! Added for next build - you can invert multiple conditions at once.

  • i really don't understand people: we got nice product with very good html5 export,phonegap export,amazing physics,behaviours ,cheap price and NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED...what else u need ?who cares if i still need external tools to edit sprites or resize doesn't bother me at all,i'll keep supporting this great project..go go go on SCIRRA ^^

  • Just because it's great doesn't mean it can't get even better!

  • agreed 100 with Arima ^^

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