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  • Hello !

    I'm really interested into buying C2 to start developping my game but there's a few thing i wish to know before beginning.

    First of all, this looks really promising, it seems like there are tons of stuff that C2 do for us so we don't have to get our hands dirty, i must say i'm quit impressed about all the features packaged into this, on top of that, the price seems fair and the community looks good so far.

    I'm gonna ask a few question here, you guys would be wonderful if you could help me with that ! I checked the documentation but so far it didn't really answer all of my questions. (Just tell me if C2 is capable of doing these things). Thanks !

    • Lets imagine a webService send a JSON to C2 containing various Data, like a list of block with differents positions (0,0 ; 0,1 ; 0,2).

    Would C2 in any way be capable of reading the JSON DATA and draw blocks based on the positions sent by the WebService ? (I'm takling about hundreds of blocks here)

    • Does C2 have some kind of langage to develop with ? Drag and Drop is really cool and convenient but i feel like it may shows restrictions at some point. If that's not the case, was C2 made to be edited directly by the user in any form ?

    Thanks for your answers, have a good day !

  • 1: Yes, you just have to figure out how to parse it.

    2: Yes, the sdk link is found under Manual at the top, or make your own in events, you have that type of control.

    3: Nope.

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  • I don't think you need to worry about drag and drop being a restriction depending on your development style. For many of my projects I find I don't use the layout view at all - you can position everything via events.

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