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  • Hi there,

    i have tested all the Exporters from Construct 2. The Only 2 good (but still not perfect) Exporters are the HTML5 and the Awesomium Exporters.

    All the others make not a good Job in this time.

    Here is an Example i have tested from a other User here:

    ...Tested for Example on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1...

    i have tested your *APK. Bad Results with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1.

    Here are some Screenshots:

    Pic 1

    Here you can see the Game is stopped when the score 6 is reached.

    The FPS are going up to 59 FPS when no sprites are on the screen.

    Pic 2

    Here you can see the Big White Field in Landscape Mode and the Lower FPS.

    Pic 3

    Here You can see the little White Field on the Bottom.


    Game Ends when the Score 6 is reached. Big White Field in Landscape-Mode. Little White Field on the Bottom in Po.-Mode.

    I have tested out on many other Devices too. Results are always not good. Sound Issues, System-Freezes with Restarts, Black Screens at Start, FPS Issues etc... All the Mobile Exporters in this time will not do a good Job. Sorry.


  • Do you have anything helpful to contribute, other than not good at this time?

    Its a given that the js to native isn't going to be the greatest, but you need to give some context to the test such as a capx for starters.

  • White spaces at the edge of the game are due to aspect ratios. Currently we don't support letterbox on CocoonJS or directCanvas so you need to handle this yourself. So for now the white spaces aren't a bug, it's just showing more of your layout than you intended. More info in supporting multiple screen sizes.

    30 FPS is a good result for a mobile game - some mobile browsers struggle to get 10 FPS.

    If you can demonstrate any specific problems with minimal .capx projects, we can possibly fix them. Unfortunately with the information you've provided we cannot fix any of those other issues.

  • Hi there,

    you should not understand me Wrong. I love Construct 2 and the Idea Behind it - it's Magic.

    My Review should show only the Problem's with the Exporters in the Current state.

    The FPS in CocoonJs is good enough - but the goal should be to have a stable Exporter without the known problems...

    BTW...I also don't know why my other Questions that i have were deleted...

    I will open some new Threads...


  • I have tested the HTML5, Awesomium and Windows8 exporters.

    All work perfectly and produce really great results.

    I bought C2 to do HTML5 games for desktop. Being able to export to Windows exe and Windows8 Metro is a really big bonus.

    For Mobile I use native C++ programming, as right now that's the best option. Maybe in 2014 mobile platforms would have such powerful processors and all web browsers would support webGL, that html5 action games would become feasible

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  • KMag - I'm not sure what "known problems" you're referring to - are you sure you've reported bugs for every issue you've come across?

  • KMag, most mobile games use 30 fps, i had a lot of games for iOS to research, most AAA with 3D graphics games are laggy.

  • KMag I beg to differ.

    I have my game working on multiple aspect ratios and on android, ios, and desktop. No white space, no lag.

    It's a matter of being smart and working with what you have. We're working on cutting edge tech, nothing is going to be easy - and if it were, we wouldn't be able to make money off it.

  • Hi there,

    i'm waiting now for my first Windows 8 Tablet - then i will give them a Try...


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