Construct 2 export ruining image quality

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  • Hi everyone!

    How are you today?

    Here's the thing, construct 2 is ruining the quality of some images at export:

    Left is the exported file, right is the original. Look at the loss of definition and the "ring" inside the sun.

    So I did a lot of searches in the forum, I looked at articles about image export quality in the image/animation panel, image compression at export and really found nothing.

    Image is at PNG32, at export I put image compression at none, when testing the game in preview mode without export it's all smooth.

    It doesn't look like much but it's all the blurry background sprites that have this line and compression problem and some of them overlap and it really looks bad.

    I take a ton of time to try to realign the images after export and redo the exported images.

    Is there any solution to this? Ashley or anyone? I know it's a dumb obscure this, but that's really my hell right now!

    Thanks everyone!

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  • You can decrease the scale in game, and that can help with the quality of the runtime render, but that kind of artifact isn't unexpected, especially for curves.

  • The thing is that this is a comparison of the two file: exported and original. I don't understand why there isn't an option to just not compress or process the image. I manually rework the exported image file to put the original in place e but I don't understand why it messes with the image's quality even if at ever place compression is at non and export quality at PNG32.

  • Export should be lossless unless you specifically set an image to use PNG-8 compression. File a bug if you have a project which does not export losslessly and is set to use PNG-32.

    FWIW the fact images are assembled on to spritesheets makes it difficult to have per-image settings, since we process entire spritesheets of images rather than individual images.

  • File a bug if you have a project which does not export losslessly and is set to use PNG-32.

    Will do!

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