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  • I was wondering if that when 100th version of construct 2 is released to allow us to export our games as .exe format, can we then publish it on Steam via steam greenlight?

  • Probably.

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  • Most likely is the word. Unless they somehow decide something about no HTML5 games wrapped as .EXEs. I highly doubt this though, there is no reason to. Greenlight is basically the people's choice, so if people like your game, greenlight should be fine :)

  • Unless they somehow decide something about no HTML5 games wrapped as .EXEs.

    Highly unlikely seeing as there are at least two browser based games on Steam currently.

  • Also I would like to add that if we can publish our games onto Steam, would we require additional codes/plugins to publish onto Steam?

    Because I think the Steam API adds Steam features like steam cloud and achievements etc, but I'm not sure if this optional or a standard requirement.

    Thanks in advance

  • Steamworks is optional.

  • This is my greatest incentive at this moment, and i think this might work very good. There are several flash games available atm, so a well working HTML5 wrapped as .exe should be just fine.

    The 100th release is perfectly timed with Steam Greenlight. Geenlight seems like a "kickstarter", just without initial funding, and i think there are a lot of possibilites for us here!

  • Yeah and the best part is, even if you don't have enough votes for your game to be published, then at least you know a lot of people still actually wanted your game to be released (if you actually had votes LOL)

    Also, there isn't any time limit so I'm sure eventually it would be published as long as it has potential.

  • Steamworks (cloud saves and achievements) is something to consider. I hope that the exe wrapper will provide some kind of api or dll extension system to customize a little the experience.

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