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  • can scan files, file etc.

    Most excellent

    Hypercam 2.0

    settings when recording a tutorial

    or showing a downloading of an example

    to scan it to prove its and its installer (if any) and any other files that come with example are safe are:

    Screen Area
    Start X0 Start Y0
    Box left of the text
    Show rectangle around recorded area
    have a checkmark in it by click on it
    Circular thing left of the text
    Iconize HyperCam Window to the Task Bar
    have a circular mark in it by clicking on it
    rest in Screen Area left alone and unchecked and uncircle checked.
    AVI File
    AVI File Name: Destination and filename example
    C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Sarah's Folder\Sarah Plays Breath of Fire for SNES part 1 of 28.avi
    Square box left of the text
    Add sequential to the filename
    does not have a checkmark
    Rate in Frames per Second, Record:5 Playback:5
    Cursor/Full frame capture ratio 1 (1 to capture every frame)
    Key frame every 100 frames
    Video Compressor: -- Auto Select - Strongly Recommended!
    Only if you want sound in your video have square box left of the text
    Record sound from
    by clicking on it.
    Record sound from Microphone (Realtek High Defini
    Number of channels:2 - Stereo
    Sample size:16 bit
    Sample rate:11025 Samples per sec.
    Left rest alone.
    To all who know how will you please record with HyperCam 2.0
    a tutorial on how to make in a game itself the ability to have external resources load
    and then the variable used to load each resource gets saved
    such as a Game Maker Language (GML) made up example below:
    typed_up_destination = get_string("Example C:\Documents and Settings\George Music\",0);
    my_sound_load1 = sound_replace(sound0,typed_up_destination+Misty.mp3,0,1);
    ini_open("External Resources And Other Game Stuff.ini");
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