Construct 2 w/ Destructible enviornments

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  • I think this is a key component to any physics engine, and it would bring construct 2 miles above it's competitors. For example, When I shoot a wall w/ a rocket launcher, it should explode into a bunch of small pieces. When I shoot a laser through a block of wood, that block should be cut in half where the laser was shot.

    From what I can tell, this is not possible in C2, only mediocre emulations. Is there any hope of true destruction in C2?

  • You could fake it. But the power required to run such a system is beyond mobile hardware, right now. Maybe in five years.

  • You could fake it. But the power required to run such a system is beyond mobile hardware, right now. Maybe in five years.

    Have you seen games like infinity blade or injustice? These games give you console-like experiences on mobile devices. Look at fruit ninja even. Keep in mind we are in the 2D realm, physics is exponentially easier, there are four directions not 360?, there is no shading to account for, no super-advanced collisions, etc... When did I even mention mobile hardware?

    As I said, the emulations are mediocre at best, this is a game development engine, not a game engine to develop game engines.

  • I do partially agree with your point , but let's put this into some more context. Some of your samples don't seem to meet the point of your complaint. There might be some missing information or expectations from C2.

    Infinity Blade(haven't played 2) does not have destructible terrain. Injustice doesn't have breakable terrain, it has pre broken terrain that's influenced by physics. Ie the object is hit, then replaced with broken parts.

    Also Physics on 2D games are only 2 Dimensional Vectors where as a 3D game is in 3 dimensional vectors; not 320<font size="1">2</font>. It also should be noted very importantly. That Physics engines do not naturally destructible environments. Objects don't break in a physics engine. however, some engines are including this feature as Havok does; this is an exception not the rule.

    However, these games provide fantastic experiences because these games have very two important factors.

    A. They both have a multi million dollar budget

    B. They both are developed using a written coding language like C++/Object C. Neither of those games samples or Fruit Ninja use a game tool kit like C2, Game Salad, GMS, MMF.

    Fruit Ninja however, is the closest example and this is a good one to actually discuss. It works on a 2d plane. So let's break down this game instead, because this game represents destructible ability.

    Fruit Ninja has a destructible object, but let's understand how they achieve this.

    Fruit Ninja is a code written game. FN is not created with a VPL Game kit. The programmers of Fruit Ninja have the ability to directly access the image by was of a Canvas. The programmers then only need to check the point of touch collision, angle of drag. Using those to factors they can create a line through the Canvas object. The programmers then create 2 canvas images, copy the the two parts including the overlap. Then create a transparent area to make it look like it was cut. This is how FN achieves the effect. This has zero to do with physics, though you can use physics.

    The programmers who made FN understand trigonometry and image manipulation. They didn't rely on the tool api to do it for them. Why because the API can't do it.


    Now taking this all into account. Can you do Fruit Ninja in C2. yes. Go get RojoHounds Canvas and another person plugin that will allow for direct vector manipulation. Understand trigonometry and go forth and create. C2 doesn't create the game for you. You still need to create the game.

    There are no limitations to C2 2D game development. If you have the Time, Money and Talent. However, let's be honest. most if not all of us here. Are not multi million dollar budget companies. Most of us our either solo or small teams at best.

    I will however mention this. C2 implementation of Box2D is very very shallow. So, if you need better Box2D physics. Then you can still get it. It's easy. Open up your programming tool kit and write a new Physics behavior :)

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  • I would think this is possible, and is just a matter of coding.

    Maybe the sprites right now aren't built to handle such a feature.

    It doesn't really have to do with mobile hardware, I believe, since Nitrome is doing something like this as we speak.

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