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  • I've been having weird crashes when trying to close the software.

    I'm on a Steam Personal License working on a big project with 2400+ events.

    I think the crashes started after I mistakenly used alt+f4 twice and closed C2 by mistake...

    I then used the project's autosave file to continue the project.

    I also changed the project's name (Don't know if that could be the cause.)

    Since then, if I have my project open for some time, and then close it, it always crashes.

    I don't lose any progress but it's been quite worrisome.

    If I only close the project and not the software it doesn't crash, but if I try to open a project again it crashes twice.

    If open the project and close it immediately it doesn't crash.

    I had screenshots of the crash window but I just lost them after a power outage...

    I'll take some more when it happens again.

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