Construct 2 Crash by an effect (Oil painting)

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  • When I was working on a game I was trying to place some effects on it, every effect works well, but the oil painting effect causes my computer to crash and shows a deep black screen for 3 seconds and then it "displays" again windows, but it also crashes construct 2 making it imposible to close (only by closing it with task manager).

    Here are somo photos from my screen (My computer is in spanish, it just says that the graphics card stopped working and it recovered by itself and also that webgl has stopped working, the other one is when I try to close construct 2).

    I have an intel core i3 540 with 8gb of RAM with all windows updates.

    Sorry for my english I´m Mexican

  • Screenshots are generally not much use in bug hunting.

    Any chance of a very simple re-creation of the problem in a new .capx? That way, we can all try it, and if it crashes for us, it's more likely to be an actual bug - either in C2 or the effect.

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  • As zenox98 says, a capx would do wonders.

    Though, what your describing sounds like over the top action for your video card .... are you applying multiple effects in 1 go on the same object or layer ?

  • I remember having an issue with one effect (not sure it was this one), and I think it crashed my graphic driver, so I guess it was a driver issue in my case.

  • There is no need for a capx becouse just by placing the effect anywhere in the project causes the computer to crash and also construct 2.

    I think its just my graphics card (Its also updated ), but its ok I will just try to avoid using that effect.

  • I added the effect to an object, a Layout and a layer, and it doesn't crash for me.

    If there is a specific way you've added the effect, then I'm happy to test it out.

  • Nope just adding it on a sprite, layer or anywhere makes C2 crash even when not previewing it.

    Its inmediatly by placing the effect.

    Again I think its just my computer problem and I just cant provide a capx becouse it will just be useless.

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  • Well this got bumped for something off-topic, but back on topic: your graphics driver is crashing - the balloon message in the bottom right of the first screenshot is what Windows tells you when the driver fails and it resets the graphics card (previous versions of Windows would blue-screen and shut down at that point, it's nice Windows 7 can recover). So it's a driver problem I'm afraid.

  • Thank you, I will try to make my game on a better computer.

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