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  • Hello there. Just wanted to ask, is construct 2 more powerfull than classic ? I want to create a 2D Platformer , like LIMBO. Classic uses direct X9 and as i know , i can add very good effects or functions to it.

    Is construct 2 weaker in graphical / technical terms and can i save my game as .exe ?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • Construct2 only exports HTML5 application at the moment.

    So no, you won't be able to make an exe out of a C2 project for now.

    For the question about graphical terms...

    C2 does not support shaders like CC does for example. So it makes it harder/trickier to apply some effects to your game, you have to "cheat" with assets and events.

    I haven't played Limbo, so I don't know exactly what's the amount of graphical treatment applied, from what I saw in trailers it sounds like main sprites are black silhouettes, and there is some fog effect at time (you can emulate it playing with the opacity of some sprites).

    I'd say it is possible to reproduce something similar in C2.

    To sum up on your question is C2 more powerful than classic, on the strict numbers (according to this article from a few monthes back (figures have changed for the browser now I believe)) CC can display more objects than C2.

    That said, the amount of objects that C2 can display is already more than enough to have a nice eye-candy game.

    Be sure to check the arcade to see examples of games made with C2. What you see is what is posible, but certainly not the limit yet.

  • You cam add your game to a exe wrapper. So i guess technically you can have your game in exe form. But its not a simple export to exe.

    im sure Kyatric has the link to the tread.

  • IMO:

    Construct Classic has loads of bugs which frustrate people (there was a thread recently but it seems to have disappeared...). We made Construct 2 to fix this and it's far more stable and easier to work with than Classic. Hopefully by the end of this year we'll have caught up on features too - we are planning on adding shader effects via WebGL for example. So in the long run I definitely think you'll be better off with Construct 2.

  • Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • "Classic, we had a great time, but it's time for us be separated". With these words, I left the room with mixed feeling of remorse and joy...

    C2 all the way!

    • You'll have more support from the folks at the forum.
    • New features and improvements will only come out to C2
    • You can share your work in a more efficient way (no more "please install directx something..."
    • Some annoying non-fixable bugs are gone, forever.
    • You get to wait for more exporters to come in the future!
  • I still use CC for my bigger projects, C2 is pretty much a mini-game maker so far

  • Construct Classic can't run on many computers, but is powerful.

    Construct 2 can run on most devices and computers, but is slow.

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  • I wouldn't say Construct 2 is slow when WebGL is enabled.

  • If C2 games look slow, it is simply the fact that HTML5 is new. Thankfully websites/devices are catching up quickly, which means games will be faster and faster as time passes.

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