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  • Animmaniac: your link returns a dropbox 404 error.

    It doesn't look like a public link.

  • <<<< same thing as the original, but for azerty keyboards. (S2 frenchies :D)

    My entry is "impulse cracker".

    The story, which unfortunately isn't included in the game, is that you are from an alien planet, and your species can "listen" to radio waves, and uses them to communicate. They don't normally hear the background noise of space because their "brains" or whatever passes for that tunes it out.

    However, humans have been sending lots and lots of radio waves over the last century or so, and therefore you were sent to wipe out their radio capabilities (hence the title).

    The original plan was to have five levels.

    <img src="" border="0"> Shows your path before reaching the earth perimeter. You can play a VERY BUGGY AND INCOMPLETE version of this level by pressing "ctrl+z" in the game over screen.

    <img src="" border="0"> Your first contact with civilization, with some astronauts (that don't shoot back) and leftover landing modules.

    <img src="" border="0"> Before entering the earth, you see a ton of debris, rocket/spaceship parts and deactivated satellites. Their (unused) models: <img src="" border="0"><img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0"> This is the level that you play in the current version of the game. The only thing that was cut here was a barn building.

    <img src="" border="0"> This was going to have some soldiers, tanks and missile trucks. check out an (unused) model: <img src="" border="0">

    The game is controlled via wasd and the mouse.

    WASD controls the ship

    mouse controls where you are aiming at

    left mouse fires your gun

    right mouse opens your abduction ray.

    initially, for the first 5 seconds or so, you can't see the ground because the interface gets in the way, but then "the ground goes up".

    The point is to shoot the enemies and collect the experience they drop.

    You use the experience to get better stuff for your ship. You can make the ship faster, fire more often, deal more damage and etc.

    The idea was that the game would let you get experience in the asteroids and moon levels before dropping you into enemy fire. This was cut from the submission, but we allow you to keep the experience and points in order to allow you to play the game. The levels are infinitely long - they never end. See for yourself.

    A bug in construct 2 corrupted my files - I believe this is somehow related to writing to a removable disk. It's very weird because it deleted my pictures only, leaving (portions of) my code untouched - I still have the corrupted files. This forced me to re-code portions of my game. Many enemies (animals mostly) have the same behavior as a result.

    Also, the preview seems to behave differently than the exported file, so there may be some inconsistencies (such as the ship not respawning). I'll try to fix it.

    Can any moderator edit my original post and add this information there?

  • We Three Cosmonauts

    Download (approx. 1MB)

    United States of America

    That was a lot of work, pheww!

    EDIT: My goodness, there are a lot of entries here <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I think this thread must be closed now. Isnt it?

  • Giving another 30 minutes for late entries then it's done!

  • Animmaniac really love you're idea and it's really nicely executed! Nice Work!!! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Competition is now closed! Any entries after this post will not be allowed I am afraid :(

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  • I'm in the competition?

  • Yep, you can see the final list of games here:

  • Uhuuu updated list. Cool be part of it.

  • Just curious, when will the results be in? I didn't see it mentioned on the rules.

  • I think in 2 days =)

  • This competition was great! Thank you Scirra. Hope there will be new competition :) good luck to everyone.

  • C17 Bomber


    Here is the url:

  • Good luck everyone. Too bad I didn't make it in due to major project crash at the final steps of the game. I hope Ashley is able to restore it and at least show to you what I was working on.

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