What else is Construct 2 capable of?

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  • I was wondering if anyone has developed any other apps or things with Construct 2 besides games. I know Construct 2 is designed mainly for 2D game but was curious if anyone knows any other program that has other functions besides games that was developed with construct 2. Thanks!

  • I built a calendar / scheduling app for a customer. (They use it internally on a secure area of their web site so I can't give you a link)

    I have seen other people post about apps they have made - I am sure there are all kinds out there.

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  • I built a truck driver / pilot time calculator, a meeting cost calculator and a tip calculator. So calculators are pretty easy, come to think of it!

  • I wrote a die roller. Hashtag dictionary.

  • I made a tv remote, and am thinking of doing an asset store.

  • newt

    The Tv Remote is cool. What kind of Tv interaction were you doing? what was the remote device on the TV to recieve the info?

    IR, BlueTooth, remote html commands?

  • I made some customization tools for products with it! works great!

  • The question is: What are you capable of?

  • jayderyu

    It was XBMC over Websockets, but the api includes calls that can use ajax.

    All kinds of devices support it, Apple Tv to Raspberry Pi.

  • don;t know of any.. but I could totally use C2 to make interactive web sites..

  • I use C2 to replace Flash content (musical instruments).

    If I had time like I don't, I'd love to make a little game but for now, it's just music education apps.

    You can check the music apps at http://littlecomposers.com/learn.html

    Sometime later this year, I am planning to release a special app which focuses on ear training for children.

    What excites me most about C2 is that I have access to almost every platform there is (my apps don't need advertising etc.)

    Like others have already pointed out, your imagination (and willingness to improvise) is the limit.

    C 2 rocks!

  • vancouver

    cool..are you going to use solfege? I always wanted to make some youtube videos teaching kids solfege (and ear training).. there are so many great videos out there now that teach letters, colors etc.. I swear my son learned all the letters, colors and shapes by 2.5yrs old because of youtube videos..

  • jobel

    I have about 20 years of music teaching experience and my apps teach specific skills to help those who are struggling and/or in danger to drop out as well as those who are just beginning.

    My teaching uses a little bit of everything but is mostly based on what I studied during my younger years.

    Amazingly, HTML5 took a long time to arrive and get us to the point where we can develop all these apps for the children of tomorrow.

    It is very exciting to be a child these days. All we had was primitive and crashing computers with a stupid operating system but now, things are different.

    My apps are not quite ready yet but by the fall, Little Composers will lift off (fingers crossed).

  • I'm doing something special, but it seams c2 is not capable of all I need to do. So will build a prototype and then try getting a programmer.

  • Ok, megatronx . Now I'm curious. What is the nature of this special something? I've been using C2 for over 2 years now and I keep discovering new things it can do. I imagine the shortcomings are either 3d related or inability to use some sort of io device maybe?

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