Construct 3 - C2 projects compatibility, to what extent?

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  • I'm glad to read C2 projects will be exportable to C3, but i'd like to get more info about it.

    Me and my team are working on a rather large and complex project (7000+ events so far, with functions & families) and it still requires tons of work/time to get completed (and i'm sure Ashley will be proud of it!), so we're really eager to move to C3 to continue working on it when it's stable.

    My questions is: will we be able to safely export it to C3? Is it likely there will be compatibility issues, glitches and stuff alike AFAUK?

  • C3 is C2 but with additional features that could only be added with a rewrite. So there should be no issues continuing your project. I think this would be a number one priority for scirra.

  • Also, it may be some time before C3 even sees the light of day. Hopefully Ashley will add a time frame in due course.

  • C3 will be using the same runtime as C2 so it should be highly compatible. However at this point it's simply too early to say anything for sure.

  • C3 will be using the same runtime as C2 so it should be highly compatible. However at this point it's simply too early to say anything for sure.

    This pretty much settles it for now :3

  • I read that as, however there are some things he wants to do that are highly incompatible......

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  • Yep. In one hand I'd prefer it not be backwards compatible so we can get the fundamental improvements mentioned in the 500 threads we have on the subject. In the other, I'm working on a large scale project that likely won't be finished before C3, so I'd like to port it over.


  • Tokinsom Ya, well it could be still 2-3 years away before the features are solid, maybe? By that time you'll probably be well into production, and then what would an editor change do for you at the point where you're drawing to a close?

  • You've got a point. I figure C3 will be out in less than a year though. I don't think C2 can survive on such tiny updates for 2-3 years. By then Fusion 3, GM:S 2, and others will have taken over.

  • I do want to do a runtime overhaul (possibly even a rewrite) eventually, but dropping backwards compatibility is a huge problem for a lot of users. I wouldn't do that lightly.

    We have a good way of upgrading features by replacing them already: deprecating existing plugins and replacing them. This is exactly what we did with WebStorage. WebStorage got replaced by the new LocalStorage plugin which is different and not backwards compatible, but WebStorage is still supported for existing projects. New projects can only use LocalStorage. So it's the best of both worlds: nobody's existing projects are cut off, and in the long term it moves towards exclusive usage of the new plugin.

    Hopefully we can use a similar approach to upgrade much of the runtime features. A clean break might be required if we want to rewrite the runtime core, but hopefully we can get a long way without that.

  • Best of both worlds, awesome concept <3

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