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  • I just noticed when I exported my project that the construct2 ad "Create your own HTML5 games with Construct 2" appeared.

    I like Scirra and CC and C2 but this should only be included in the free edition.

    I use release 79.4.

    It's pretty easy to manually clean if needed but would be more professional.

  • You can just remove it in the index.html.. Open it in notepad find the link and delete it.

  • Ah, you're right, it always adds the link even if you have a license. I've changed this for the next build to only add the link in the free edition.

  • You could make a check option, because I don't care to help advertise C2 =]

  • I think even if you buy the licence you should show that the game is created by Construct 2 in some sort of way, I think construct 2 deserves to get that bit of advertisement to boost there audience.

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  • Dobandon,when you pay for a product you own the rights to it, Scirra could not make is so you have to promote them, and there are many users who wouldn't want the link under there game, its ugly! But I wouldn't mind promoting them with a in game button or something, but the link is not nice.

  • I didn't say anything about a link smitchell I have clearly stated "in some sort of way" I personally won't be keeping the link or if I will I'll just edit the CSS to make it nicer but there are other ways to show support by even have an image in game.

    I also didn't say that you "have" to have the link, but I think they have done a fantastic job and they deserve to get bigger. Please don't make it into a big deal, I didn't force anyone to do anything.

  • FYI you're allowed to remove the link if you have a license (it's only that it must be there in the free edition). We just put it there in the hopes some people would want to give us a link.

  • I should be able to afford it in 2 weeks, I want to buy it just to rid the link lol.

  • You can just remove it in the index.html.. Open it in notepad find the link and delete it.

    Can you tell me where to find the link?. What I have seen I have removed everything, but I still leave the message below the screen viewed from a web project.

    The message is this, for no mess:

    Make your own games with Construct 2, the HTML5 game creator

  • I'm guessing it's been long fixed, fumeque--the previous posts were from almost a year ago!

  • fumeque: also it removes automatically if you own a license.

    If you don't own a C2 license, you're not allowed to remove that message.

  • Thank you all.

    I've solved.

    I know the post is old but recently I started with this, and now I get doubts.

    I have another problem, but this is not the thread, and I'll look.

    I said thanks

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