Construct Artificial Intelligence Chatbot?

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  • I’ve had this idea that I thought would be an amazing project, but I’m not sure if it’s possible or “easy” to do.

    Basically I wanted to create a Chatbot in Construct 2, put text to speech on it, allow microphone access, put it in an HTML5 website, put it on a Raspberry PI, 3D Print the case, then try to teach it stuff.

    Would trying to make a Chatbot in Construct 2 really be that difficult? As far as I know, simple AI basically just listens to stuff you say and experiments with the words until it’s actual English.

    I wanted to create this just so I could toy around with it, I don’t see Google Home, Alexa, or Siri as AI at all, they’re programmed to give specific responses, and when there isn’t one, instead of trying to think of something to say, it’ll simply say “I do not understand. Try again”, but with this the AI will actually learn and develop around the user’s personality.

    How hard can it be? Honestly.

    Edit: By “How hard can it be?” I literally meant, “Would this be difficult or possible?”

  • Lol.

    Easy peasy, just download a dictionary and you're good to go.

    Well you might want to Google neural network, and heuristic algorithm.

    Maybe some word recognition, you know like the difference between nouns and verbs, prepositions, adjectives.....

  • I think what newt is trying to say is that to do such a thing usually requires massive teams of engineers NLP experts, AI programmers, neural net experts, etc, etc.

    How easy?

    For anything other than a basic bot - which you're not interested in - then not at all, I would say.

    Google has a lot of info on such things.

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  • "How hard could it be?" is usually best answered by giving it a go yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • "How hard could it be?" is usually best answered by giving it a go yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    I knew I’d regret my wording. I mean, I didn’t see it too complicated as I’ve seen plenty of basic Chatbot websites, and there’s even an Android app.

  • It should be possible (anything usually is). The difficulty depends on what's involved to make it, and the way to figure that out is to attempt it. Figure out what you want it to do, which then can be broken down to a lot of simple things you can do, and it should be straightforward enough.

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