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  • Hi all,

    I'm a new user of C2, usually use clickteam products (Multimedia Fusion)

    I'm not specially interested by game but in application making. I do mainly personal apps in order to be used on computer and ios devices.

    My question is, is it planned to develop more functions for application making, I mean as radio button, combo box, ini or files writing/reading, popup window, etc. ?

    Thanks for answering

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  • For the HTML inputs like radio and combo box, it is possible along the way. Ashley will confirm or deny this (at worse I believe the third part dev community will tackle this someday if it is not taken care of in the meantime).

    Nothing prevents you from making your own components through events (for radio button for example, it is nothing more than a 2 frames sprite + a text object eventualy).

    For ini/files writing/reading, you already have the webstorage object, or even the AJAX object that would let you interface saving and retrieval to/from a database.

    Finally popup windows are already doable too with the browser object.

    You can also make your way with several layouts/layers and have multiple "windows" app in a single canvas.

  • Thanks. I see what you mean, but I do like have true plugins for it instead of have to use some tricks.

  • We are currently aiming Construct 2 at games, so there are some simple features like the two form controls but not much for apps right now. It's something we'll be looking in to in future.

    Reading/writing files to disk generally isn't allowed in a browser, although there are some new HTML5 features that allow writing files to isolated storage. There's also the WebStorage plugin in C2 you could try out. Also, ini is a really old and long obsolete format from Windows 3.1 - I'm surpised it's lasted as long as it has! If we added equivalent features it would surely be XML.

    In other words, app development in a browser is probably a little different to what you're used to, and we're missing some features right now, but we hope to patch it up soon.

  • That's a good new so.

    About ini, it's surely an obsolete format but I think it's really the easier way to write in a file. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm going to look after some informations about webstorage right now.

    Thank you both guys

  • I really hope you guys add the ability to use phones features in future updates. App development with Construct 2 is something that would be amazing.

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