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  • Ok so... i think it would be a great idea and really helpful if you made a lite version of the construct 2 software and made it into an android app, because not everybody is at home on their computer every time inspiration hits, or maybe they don't have a computer, or (the last or) they don't want to spend hours on a computer in an uncomfortable position, which is something that limits me on creating things. Imagine this.. you're at home and you decide to make a new game, for android or iPhone, etc. so you pick up your phone and open construct. you don't have to go find your pc and slave over it for hours on end and getting a sore back or neck out of it, or maybe you can't afford a pc, what do you do? i just think it would be so great to have this on android because im never home, or im too lazy to get up and get on my computer. I even have a couple friends who have seen construct 2 but can't buy it because they don't have/want a pc. and it will also make tons of more money for you guys, what do y'all think? creating games on the go or no?

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  • I think that considering there is only one programmer who is currently trying to maintain and update C2 as well as develop the new C3, your suggestion - although not without merit - will probably not be implemented in the near future.

  • Not happening.

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