Construct 2 is amazing (long time programmer here)

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  • Hello,

    I just want to provide a quick feedback about Construct 2: I'm a freelancer game developer where I have developed games using all kinds of languages and engines (from C, C++ to HTML 5). Most of the games I worked on were made with Unity or Corona SDK. I even have a Corona SDK product, which I sell through my site.

    For a recent iOS and Android small game project that had a very short deadline I was going with Corona SDK, because Corona already allows rapid prototype and multiplatform development.

    But I decided to try Construct 2 and the result was amazing:

    • I completed and published the game in 5 days (in Corona SDK I expected around 12 days) - note: the graphics were finished before starting the development.
    • Game performance is great.
    • Additional publishing platforms (browsers and even desktop). Only iOS and Android was expected, but I surprised the client.

    I'm sold and already got my license. I'm thinking in baking something for the Construct 2 community too.

    Note: I'm not saying one engine is better than another, but now I'm decided to make most of my smaller contracts with Construct 2. I may even risk some bigger games, because being able to create and edit existing behaviors on the fly is really cool.

    Thank you.

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  • WElcome aboard.

    I have been in and out of game development for the last 10 years.

    This is a great product, I must fully agree.

    As soon as I am granted the "non-spambot" status, I plan on donating a bunch of animated content, and an AI tutorial.

    If you want to work together on something for the community, just shoot me a PM.

    I have tried quite a few game engines through the years, and this is the very first one that actually works as advertised.

  • Though I have not been in the game industry for long at all I am a 25 year veteran of the software development industry (Starting with Borland Delphi R&D - see how dated I am? LOL) and I too have been blown away with what Construct 2 has to offer.

    I did some real homework as well - Doing ease of use and performance testing on several other game engines and having Construct 2 come out on top of all of them. Then, with the price point being so affordable for almost all and being so extensible with JS...

    Very impressed.

  • Not hacing to manage reusable code and or creating games from scratch is amazing. The fact that most of the tolls are ready to go is just wondeful :)

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Nice to see other experienced programmers around here :)

    By the way I just noticed one of the team members, Paulo Ricardo is from my city in Brazil (Curitiba, PR) - That's cool, because first I wouldn't imagine someone from Brazil in the team even less one from my city.

  • Great to meet you Alfred! It's cool to see that you share the opinion many of us have: C2 is effectively unparalleled in producing PoCs or even small scale games :D

    I look forward to the day where someone has invested a lot of time into the engine and produces a fully fledged IP, I have a feeling this may be the year we get some exposure!

  • Good, the reason why i trust C2 because it helps me to save my time a lot to write the functions. I wouldn't write my HTML5 game from scratch because i was worried about garbage collector but C2 was solution.

    Anyways, welcome!

  • Glad to hear that. :)


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