Should I use Construct 2?

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  • GameThirsty wow, 4k? Awesome, that's better than I expected for your specs!

    sqiddster I think you can do it for everyone, you just need the game to be started via shortcut (and have all the shortcuts have the ignore flag) rather than directly from the exe file.

    I've been meaning to post a bug on node WebKit's bug tracker about it - technically the flag should work when added to the manifest so none of this shortcut workaround stuff would have to be done, but for some reason it's not working properly.

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  • armia, I was surprised that I could run Battlefield 4 on Medium settings 60 fps no dips lol

    This laptop is almost 3 years old now, so any newer devices should run any HTML5 game just fine.

  • If I were to buy Construct 2 at some point, what advantages and disadvantages are there to using the Steam version? Also, I'm disappointed to see Construct 2 isn't on sale during the Steam summer sales.

  • I was leaning toward Construct 2, but if "Utilities - Animation & Modeling" wins in less than 7 and a half hours during the Steam sales, Clickteam Fusion will be $25 for eight hours. That price is insane. Any chance Scirra might have a sale either on their site or Steam sometime soon?

  • From what I've learned, they barely do sales and are usually posted on twitter or their facebook.

  • Since Clickteam Fusion is $24.99 right now for eight hours, I decided to get it. If Scirra wants to be more competitive with Clickteam right now, they might want to consider having more competitive prices now that Clickteam's products are becoming more affordable with their pricing. I'm open minded about getting Construct 2 as well at some point at the right price range. I was initially hopeful they would offer a great deal during the Steam sales, but that has not happened so far.

  • Um that's some fuzzy math you're using there, C2 is $129.99 for everything, where Fusion is $415.36 for all its extras.

    Not to mention the free version is free.

  • Have to agree with newt:)

    you should really try both, C2 has a free version. If you experience is anything like mine, you'll want a license. The free version is impressed me so much. when I first downloaded C2 I was looking for software to review for my site, but once I started messing with it I couldn't stop. I started making a big game, platformer. The Review was put on the back burner. I ran into problems getting it to run on my tablet. without even being asked Ashley offered to help by take a look, and the suggestions have made all the difference. If you go over the forums and look you'll see this is a somewhat frequent occurrence here. That help is what makes C2 standout, and is something to support.

    Don't get me wrong I get frustrated that things aren't exactly like I would want, like native exporters. And I really know very little about Clickteam. But I can say if you have a problem people here help. And that is rare in my experience. Not at least checking out the free version before you start your project would be a mistake imho:)

  • Initially, I was going to try to learn how to make platformers with Construct 2, but this tutorial's art assets require purchasing the program. :/ They should make those assets free for those who are considering the idea of buying the program but want to use that tutorial first.


    Clickteam Fusion's iOS, Android, and HTML5 exporters do not interest me, so I'll probably never buy any of those.

  • I would have to agree that it's a bit of a weird move to have that platformer tutorial require the paid assets. That being said, nobody's stopping you from creating your own quick crappy assets!

  • There are also free sprites and game art on the web, some of it is even free for commercial use.

  • Well, by the sounds of it, you don't seem to be entirely experienced in all of this. In terms of making a good looking platformer or pixel game at all, Unreal is not really the way to go unless you want to put a lot more time into it and even the visual scripting is more difficult to comprehend than Construct 2's. Construct Classic has actually had my attention for a while, as I'm an experienced programmer. As for what you can do in Construct 2, it's practically unlimited. You can use 3D graphics, and to be honest you can do just about anything you could do in everything else. WebGL is just a web port of OpenGL, which is DirectX's rival, and is actually a lot easier for rendering graphics. Hell, get your hands on a programmer and they could even program in DirectX, though that would be a waste, DX is much slower and doesn't seem to have anything to beat OpenGL and WebGL. I would check out the possible things you can do with HTML5, as that's the programming language that Construct 2 uses.

    But, Construct 2 includes basically everything to make a game like the one you linked, it wouldn't take long to duplicate it. The designers here just chose to make games differently, they design games mostly on what they think sounds good, which is okay of course.

  • sqiddster and arima have points you could always ask if anyone has or knows of assets you can use. That said a quick google search can lead you to tons of free to use assets. Just make sure they are free for commercial use if you are going to sell your game/s. Good Luck


    Last thing, they might not interest you now but they might 6 months from now, just food for thought:)

  • In the long run its better to use something that's more mature than HTML5 if you are aiming at PC, Mac and Linux and a game that has large amounts of animations. HTML5 wrappers at the moment are inconsistent.

    I have machines capable of running Crysis in full settings but C2 games lag due to poor performance of WebGL effects and NodeWebkit.

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