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  • Hey there Ashley,

    wouldn't it be great to have like a small picture journal to see the evolution of C3? No text, explanation or lenghty articles, I know it's way too early for that, but just a picture let's say every month to keep the excitement going?

  • I want to something like this as a possibility...

    If (system.IsOverlapping(someObject, someotherObject))

    someobject.X = 42;


    //you get the idea

  • Ruskul - You wouldn't be able code this because someObject might not have the behavior enabled that your coding for. If your code depends on a plugin function (IsOverlapping) then you have to have a way to force the developer to enable that behavior for all the sprites that will be worked on by your code. To do this Ashley would have to build in dependency checking and notify the developer that a behavior is required based on the code requirements. Hence the visual IDE he created that does exactly this but in reverse allowing you to select what you have enabled from a drop down menu because that's the only way its even possible to do this and prevent users from writing invalid code.

  • troublesum - well.... ya, but couldn't that same info be used to run an intellesense? I mean, when coding, you can always write non functional code. The way expressions are currently filled out already runs in a smart way... , so I don't see why it couldn't be done for the rest of the ACEs. If that in turn allowed for actually being able to code functions instead of using the function object,a and so on (loops, methods, etc) that would be really awesome.

    But uh the above code needs fixed anyway, based on what I was thinking... I forgot overlapping is a system condition... done

  • Ruskul - Interesting... while intellesense (I hadn't even considered this) would solve have the problem the last part is if the user removes the behavior there would have to be the dependency check on the reverse side to remove the code in use or warn the user about the error but maybe I'm thinking about this wrong. I wonder if it were possible for Ashley to have 2 IDE's in one. One that's visual that prevents you from making mistakes (like the current IDE) and another one that's for advanced devs allowing them to make mistakes but because they're actual developers that's on them if they get it wrong. That would be interesting if Ashley could pull that off

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  • troublesum - though, honestly, as construct doesn't have a large team building the software... I think the likelihood of this happening is already quite low. I did look at how the events run though in the runtime, and its interesting. It simply loops through a list of events making the aces calls. I figured scripting that loop explicitly shouldn't be too big of a deal.

  • I'm really excited about C3. I hope there will be some news in the near future.

  • Damn, I am really excited over the linux editor. Hope you have open alpha testing trials. I would submit bug reports at github if you need help.

  • What are the chances C3 could be built around the Brackets editor? Like Intel XDK did. Brackets is an awesome open source editor. Very much on par with Sublime Text 3.

  • locohost: While i love brackets and use it on a daily basis for my work, i don't know if it would be a good idea for C3, since it maybe slows down the integrated scene and image editors.

  • Here's hoping some of those features debut in future version of C2 (like, any engine improvements short of an asm.js rebuild). The IDE will probably take awhile to get anywhere near where we can see it.

  • , Why wouldn't the scene (layout?) and image editors be separate programs? It appears the image editor already is so the layout editor could be also

    I'm just thinking out loud. I'd love to see more of the Brackets/Sublime Text features in C3. Rather than just an afterthought, why not make the C3 editor the best available?

  • locohost

    Construct is about the visual event sheets. Construct will never support text development on any serious level as part of main development. If your looking for text coding development I think Unity, UDK, Havok are much better choices.

  • jayderyu No actually coding with in Intel XDK would be a better choice than all you mentioned.

    I like C2 so far. I'm mainly looking for some coding speed-ups (like in Brackets/Sublime) in the C2/C3 editor. That's all boss

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