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  • hey Ashley,

    just a short question, why was c2 written in c++ and not for example C# as wpf app?

    i mean, finally it exports to javascript which has nothing to do with c++ / c# not even remotely, but why choose c++ instead?

    (the only reason i can think of is portability to linux later maybe which will be in c3 i assume)

  • It probably is just the language the devs were most familiar with.

  • I already had a lot of experience with it from Construct Classic, so as R0J0hound suggested it made sense to stick with what we knew. Also at least at the time the whole .NET thing made the installation a bit more complicated and could have meant lots of users having to do large .NET installation updates, probably would have meant dropping XP support, and other implications like that. (Remember this might not be a big deal now but we were deciding in ~2010.) C++ apps are nice in that they can be set up to run on a brand new computer/OS install with no extra config, which is a nice benefit for a tool aimed at non-technical people.

  • May I Develop the Chess game in construct 2 ??

  • agreed about c++.

    yeah i'm currently working on C# mostly, if you target 4.0 which is quiet good, especially with WPF support, you can target XP and newer. and most machines come with preinstalled .netFW, (windows 7 came with 4.0 and 8/10 with 4.5 and 4.6)

    though xp would need to install 4.0 for usage.

    thanks for the answer.

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  • May I Develop the Chess game in construct 2 ??

    This is not the topic for such questions, but just as a quick answer: Yes, you can make a chess game.

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