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  • Dear Construct-2 creators,

    from your own point of view - does SCIRRA Construct-2 have potential as developer tool for simple but commercial indie games or it's only education tool for hobbists and students with no serious plans about monetising their products.

    (forgive me for my bad English, it's not my native language)

  • Check the games that were provided for the C2 comp. Those games were made in two weeks.

    => The list of entries

    40+ entries, and pretty good games in there (and some are done by pro teams). I'd say it is ok for pro devellopers. Would it only be as a matter of prototyping.

    Potential is here to make serious projects that can be monetized in my opinion.

  • I'm in the process of making (what I hope to one day be) a commercial game. From all of my C2 experience so far, it's generally a question of what YOU can do, not what Construct can do.

    In other words, yes, Kyatric's right. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • We're designing Construct 2 with the aim of making it good enough for professional use. We want it to be the best editor for making games!

    Some people like using it to quickly prototype games before going on to fully code them. We think that's a great way to use C2 as well, but our aim is to make C2 so good that you'll have a tough time beating the prototype with your own code.

  • I ask because I see many successful commercial examples with Torque 2D on Steam, but in most cases it's not only result of using constructor itself, but also huge ammount of coding (include replacing some parts of engine source code).

    And as I see all other so called "constructors" don't allow do anyting serious withous learning their script language (like GM). And, btw, this language always can be used only in theis constructors. In this situation I prefer use C# + XNA and not waste my time with such type of "game makers".

    I really hope Srirra's Construct-2 will be exception to this rule and I will be happy to buy and use it for my indie projects.

  • Construct is plenty suitable for complex commercial projects. My game in CC has like 10,000 events, and C2 is even better, especially with the ability to run on multiple platforms, which is terrific for distribution. You can make basically any 2D game with construct.

  • Construct is perfectly suitable for a commercial release, even more if you consider the growth of HTML5.

    I've been using Construct Classic as a level editor for my never-ending iOS game, so there's that as well - using it as a tool for your games is pretty cool!

  • Thanks for answers!

    Construct is perfectly suitable for a commercial release, even more if you consider the growth of HTML5.

    No, I am looking for stand alone .exe as result.

    I hope this option will be added in future.

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  • If you're looking for a standalone .exe, Construct Classic does that. Construct Classic's IDE can be a bit unwieldy sometimes, but once you learn her quirks you can work around the few instabilities in the IDE. Quite powerful.

  • Yes, it can be used for commercial games. It is a tool in your game development arsenal. It has its place depending on what you're trying to make. It all depends on how you use it. On a technical basis, I think it will hold up very well online and on a device.

    I recently tested a port over to iPhone and it ran at a cool 30-40fps on iOS5. In the next year, be prepared to see more HTML5 games out there. It's just soooo much faster to crank out a game.

    My own set of game dev tools includes software that cost me in the hundreds of dollar and some I got for free. This one brings a lot of value to the table.


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