Construct 2.5 (3d) !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Like Ashley said learn to walk before you can RUN

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  • Ashley I think its a good move for Scirra to specialize in creating a kickass 2d game dev engine and not mixing itself in the 3d world. Though a bit skeptic and risky in leveraging in HTML5, but what the hell if it makes things get going.

    I'm a Unity Dev but if possible I prefer to do 2D games in C2. Doing things in Unity is easy once you get the hang of it but somehow I still find C2, ok for quick 2D gamedev. Exporting to mobile in C2 is different though, I hope C3 can address seemless export, or tie up with ludei or Tom This might be a good selling point for C3. The only convenient way to export is via nw.js and web.

  • I don't want construct to be fully 3D but it would be nice to be able to add 3D sprites. Exactly like regular sprites that can be rotated in all directions. Basically the possiblility to add OBJ files as sprites which you can rotate in any angle. To get a smooth rotation of a simple item like a coin for example you have to use a sequence of pre rendered images which uses a lot of memory. But full 3D? nahhh. There are other softwares for full 3D games, but 3D sprites I can see would be a nice addition to construct..

    I imagine games like simple 2D asteroids for example. Where every sprite of an asteroid is actually a small 3D sprite (OBJ), instead of a pre rendered 2D sprite. That would add another dimension to games. being able to rotate the sprites in any angle, but still using a 2D canvas...

  • its just a dream i guess

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