What constitutes a "commercial organization?"

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  • Hey there,

    I'm a total newbie with Construct 2, but I've loved it so far! A few friends and I are going to try to make a sellable game together. We haven't decided yet what game engine to use, but Construct 2 looks like a definite candidate. My question is this:

    What constitutes a "commercial organization" (which would require the Business Edition)? There's only four of us; two are fresh out of University and the other two have about a year left of school and we're definitely a very informal group that may not even stay together for more than one project. Would the Personal or the Business Edition be the right one for us?

    On that note, when one purchases a license--whether Personal or Business--is that usable by more than one person? Or would we need to purchase one license for each developer in our group?

    Thanks so much!

  • Did some looking around, and this thread answered some of my questions:


    So if I understand correctly, our options are:

    1. Purchase one Personal License per developer. Each can use his/her copy on any computer.

    2. Purchase one Business License. Multiple developers can use it as long as it is on only one computer.

    3. Purchase one Business License. Only one developer can use it, but it can be used on any computer.

    4. Purchase one Business License per developer. Each can use his/her copy on any computer.

    But option 1 is only valid if we don't count as a commercial organization. Still wondering about that.

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  • Just have everyone get a personal one, if you make lots of money get the business one.

  • Thanks alspal! Also, I received this response from Tom:

    "It sounds like you don't need a Business License. This is only required if one of two conditions are met:

    • You are a state recognised business organisation (for example a Ltd company like us)
    • You earn more than $5,000 USD revenue from your Construct 2 creations

    Personal edition licenses are issued to 1 named individual, so you would each need a license."

    So until we form into a state-recognized business, we'll just need one copy each of the Personal edition.

    Thanks again!

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