What is considered High Mem usage for Pc?

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  • Hi.

    Im nearing completion of my game and im curious what is considered High Memory Usage.

    In C2 it states my Mem Usage Estimate is 580. I estimate that by the end of the project it should be just under 1Gb.

    I havent seen performance issues.

    For mobile i will do an optimization exercise and shrink all images used.

    Thank you

  • Most PCs have 4GB of ram. Currently, the average graphics cards have 2GB of vram (for all your textures on that layout, which isn't a problem, you'll be hard pressed to throw more than 1GB of art onto a single game layout!), ones without a video card will use the onboard one, like Intel HD4000, which use system ram as vram, so its not a concern either.

    Go all out and make the best looking game that you can if you make it for PC.

  • Yay!

    No more frame skipping animations to save memory tactics it is!

  • agree with silverforce, if it is pc, go all out and make the best game you can.

  • Some old computers still have graphics cards with 256 or 512mb VRAM on them. This is separate to system memory so having 4 GB RAM does not mean you have 4GB of image memory available. If Construct 2 estimates your memory as being over that, your game will likely fail on those machines. 500mb+ is an extraordinary amount of memory and probably means your game is appallingly inefficiently designed; see remember not to waste your memory.

  • Well uncompressed all my animations so far is 1.2GB.

    Compressed its a lot less.

    I am also reusing almost every single asset i have to decorate the level.

    I don't think i can optimize it more.

  • C2's estimates are for your biggest layout with the most assets. In general, I create place holder layouts for all the art to go to but its never loaded in the actual gameplay layouts.

    Either way you wont know til you run it and use monitoring programs to see.

  • maybe you are using animations with too many frames (like, how to explain, 2D video games generally uses not 60 frames at 60 fps for the animation that are clean even paused, but a lot less frames that are designed to be seen in motion only, since they have some blur applied, or other artefacts that looks really good in motion only, and that reproduces the illusion of motion with a lot less ressources)

    EDIT: Of course the 60 frames 60 fps is the worst case scenario, but it seems to be a common mistake.

  • In my experience, if you're using node webkit, the game might not fail even if you try to shove more graphics into the graphics card than it can handle. A while ago I accidentally tried to use 5 gb of image data on my 2 gb ram/512 mb vram computer all at once, and it actually still ran, albeit with lots and lots of long pauses because it was using the hard drive for virtual memory. Not that it was an optimal experience, some of those pauses were like 10 seconds long...

    But, uh... 1.2 gb in a single layout? That's... A lot. Are you using lots of large images instead of lots of repeating smaller ones? You can use that much if you want, but a lot of users with less VRAM will likely have a sub optimal experience or as Ashley said the game might fail (just because my computer still ran it in that scenario doesn't mean that all computers will).

  • PCs will often (in my experience, nearly always) run even if you load more than they can handle, it just swaps it out, from vram to memory and vice versa for your textures, this causes stutter and momentary dips in frames per second. If you load MORE than the system ram can hold, it will go into virual mem on the hard-drive and thats just not playable.

    Still, making a PC game, go crazy with the art and shaders and try to make the best looking game that you can first.

  • My high powered laptop (5 years old vintage, but it was state of the art when I bought it) has 512 mb of vram! WebGL is just about do-able as long as it's not full HD...

  • Well just to clear up a few vague stuffs.

    Only a few select animations run at 30 Frames per second. The rest run at 15 frames per second.

    I will admit, even for PC, majority of my assets are 35% larger than required but that is to compensate for large screens with Full HD capabilities.

    One place i do know i am wasting a lot of resources is that i have 4 layers. And i had to create the same asset 4 times to use on the different layers due to OpenGL HUE n Blur performance issues on mobile devices.

    But there is just no way around that.

    So i will just specify you need a certain amount of memory to play the game.

    Just to demonstrate every single block of spritesheet is 2048x2048

  • 4GB is not all yours, other apps use that mem too, When you don't have memory left, your app crashes, also, before drawing, all textures that has to be drawn are put on your vram, I don't know if C2 puts the textures on the vram only before drawing or on the start of the layout, I'd bet it would be the first one

    Edit: Holy sh*t? 2048*2048, that's way too much, I'd just downscale that, and apply a slight blur or something that would smooth it up via webgl

  • 2048 x 2048 it's from official C2 export.

    1024 X 1024 it's hardware limit for older machines.

    Why C2 doesn't include 100% MIP mapping system? I know it helps to prevent unwanted jagged edges, but it doesn't deserve to be called MIP mapping.

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  • And i had to create the same asset 4 times to use on the different layers due to OpenGL HUE n Blur performance issues on mobile devices.

    I did not understood this part, what is it about?

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