Connstruct 2 as a web development tool?

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  • Hello C2 community and Dev team,

    it might sound a little of the track but is there in any

    way some thinking about expanding Construct 2 into a web

    development tool. I though it would be great to create my

    web projects inside an IDE with the power of a great HTML5

    creator like C2 at hand. Now some web project management,

    css editing and php wizardry and we have a product that

    should get attention from Adobe and other tool developers

    out there.

    Just an idea. If C2 had that IDE I would trash my dreamweaver

    topstyle ect.

    Maybe just a daydream. But it was a good one!

    Thanks for this great product and keep up the good work!



  • Seeing as they are after the gaming market, i doubt they will be doing this at all, as a two man operation. But.., if they where to acquire more people they could possibly expand the Scirra brand to other markets.

  • A web IDE is actually very different to a game editor IDE! So I don't think this is going to be in our plans.

  • SoldjahBoy created a fancy website with Construct 2, I believe.

    However as the above are saying, Construct 2 is primarily a game development tool.

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  • I know. If it was that easy flash would be an integrated part of dreamweaver. Boy what a UI nightmare...

    But. It was a nice daydream though! :)

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