Connecting Neuroskys Mindwave Eeg to Construct any takers?

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  • Hi everyone. I have made a few small games with the help of this awesome community and I just recently purchased a eeg device called Mindwave mobile. What this is, is basically a Bluetooth headband type device that allows you to control apps with the electrical impulses from your mind. (Yes you heard me right). Think of the possibilities; Star wars force type games, meditation games, Harry Potter type games levitating things.

    Unfortunately my ability to program is VERY limited (just to construct and even that's basic). It's my understanding that it is compatible with several programming languages.

    I think this could open up an interesting market for some on this board. Would anyone be interested in developing a plug in for construct 2 to interface it with the mindwave?

    Here is neurosky's website:

  • In its current state it would only be an accessory to assist the game to be more dynamic and "perfect", but not for a controller. All it does it pick up on attention span and emotions. You would be an emotional wreck in a mental institute after one game if you try to control a character with it. There are other devices for that.

    On the flip side: A gamer is using it. The game picks up that its getting boring, so it throws some enemies at him. Tests for scare tolerance now and then picking up the pace and fear or pulling back, depending on the gamer's emotional state. Adjusts to give the right amount of joy, fear, sadness, excitement, betrayal, ect... to basically make a game that is perfect for any and every player, every time. Replay value? Near infinite.

    Hehe, now imagine it for monetization? Adjusts texts and imagery based on how you felt from the previous ads. Do it until you buy. Adjusts game to give you that mental state of purchasing, so you will buy some more...and more...and more.

    I better shut up. Some company actually might do the ads bit....

  • You bring up some excellent points Jermfire. For me I would like to use it for more focus, meditation and stress relief apps. For that it is a perfect controller in the sense that either the focus is increasing or decreasing, your either getting more relaxed or less relaxed. I wish I had the programming skills to make a plug in for it. I think the potential for this device and construct 2 is limitless.

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  • I would also like to see a Construct 2 plugin made for this headset, I recently bought one myself

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