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  • Hello all,

    This topic is to clarify the presence of some features i need and maybe understand some others, specially when working on ios browsers.

    1)How to save data outside of the temporary directory of ios/pc browsers. So i don't loose this data when this space reach it maximun allowed or the user erease the temporary files i don't lose game states.

    Data like states of objects on levels (doors already opened, etc).

    2)Multitouch and Sweep/Slide on ios /ios browsers

    I'm almost sure there's no problem here. But maybe there's some kind of limitation on user's input on ios browsers. Can you confirm this?

    3)No problem with fullscreen on browsers that support this feature

    Like firefox, this on pc browsers and ios ones.

    4)What is the limitation on maps size for an ios web game? Regardless the amount of objects on it.

    5)Can you tell me the spected performance of a game like Project Blaze Zero player on an ios browser? Is too much for it? Using the fastest browser as a reference.

    6)Related to point 1, are complex games possible to made with this engine and playable on browsers? Or maybe just for pc or just as native apps.

    That's are all my concerns. If for most i see no impossible obstacle then count me in on this engine. Seems very good for webgames in html5



  • 1) Try using the WebStorage object. It should work for apps too.

    2) Multitouch should work fine using the Touch object on iOS.

    3) Are you asking if there are any known issues? As far as I am aware, fullscreen mode on Firefox and Chrome works great. You might find this blog post interesting.

    4) There is no limitation on the size of a layout. Bigger layouts don't use more memory or processing power, only adding more objects does.

    5) Project Blaze Zero and Space Blaster should both be playable on iOS' browser. We didn't make Project Blaze Zero, but check out this touch-enabled version of Space Blaster:

    I get 25-30fps on my iPad 2, perfectly playable. Unfortunately there's no sound because Safari on iOS basically doesn't support audio! That's partly why we're working on appMobi and CocoonJS support, which are possibly even faster and also support audio.

    6) Complex games are perfectly possible. Try playing Airscape.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Hi Ashley,

    Sure you are quick responding! another great plus of this engine.

    1) I was looking into this webstorage object a couple of minutes before. Seems to solve this issue.

    2)You cleared a big shadow on my plans. I feared that there was some limitation on inputs between a native app and a webgame app on browsers.

    (By the way, handhelds webgames are the future, all efforts should go on this direction along social integration)

    3)jajaj when i asked this question i was thinking on that blog but i was convinced that was a dream. This one was a question but i forgot the "?"

    4)Good to see that the layout doesn't eat memory in a fixed way. This question was based on comparisons between this engine and many new html5 based ones that i don't know why are so slow or there's this conviction of html5 being slow/useless for game development.

    5)This Space Blaster example helps me . Many objects, fast movements (and animated) and special effects all working good on ios browsers. Since I still don't have an ios device i have to ask many things about this engine on those devices. So far this engine seems perfect for this devices.

    5)b)You named Safari on IOS not supporting audio yet. But there's other browsers options that runs games made with this engine on that device right? I was an Android developer so ios is new groud for me.

    6)Excelent. My general plan is to remake a zelda3 source code into this engine in d&d and see how much can be done in that type of game (something like bastion over ios browsers). The features i was lacking enough information was to fulfill this kind of project.

    Thanks for your answers, comming from one of the engine's developers gives tremendous security.

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