How to configure CranberryGame?

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  • Hi Guys,

    I am trying to use the plugin cranberrygame plugin to integrate google play with the game that I have created and I want to publish in google play.

    this is what I have done.

    1- I have created an app in the google play developer console.

    2- then clicked on Game services.

    3- clicked on add a new game and filled in the app details.

    4- Then clicked on Linked apps and added an android app (not a web one) as it is stated in this tutorial ( because I don't have any url for it.

    5- selected the package name from the list, which obviously was the new game that I am creating and published that.

    7- went and downloaded the plugin from

    8- unzipped the file and copied the folder into C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins

    9- restarted the construct2 and imported the plugin.

    10- wrote the following block of functions. and entered the app id that I have got from the game services app

    11. I have went to file>export project >Cordova

    12. created a project XDK and added the following line of code into and intelxdk.config.additionals.

    13 - then off course entered the App_ID that I have got from the game services app

    14- and finally instead of crosswalk because my app end up being really big (around 75MB with max file should be only 50MB)with crosswalk so I can't upload the apk, I use Android and create an apk and upload it into add developer console.

    15- then I download the app from the market.

    The problem

    As soon as application get to this block of code

    it crash

    I highly appreciate if anyone could help me with this.


  • Not 100% but Im pretty sure the Cranberry plugin is for Cordova/Crosswalk only

  • You have to edit the: intelxdk.config.crosswalk.xml

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  • Lova actrullay all plugins go into intelxdk.config.additions and are placed there automatically on export from C2. zardaloop before adding the code did you change/remove the code already added in intelxdk.config.additions

    billy Bleeks cranberrygame's plugins actrully work in the xdk with Crosswalk,android,ios they also work in phonegap

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