Condition/Action window suddenly glitched? [SOLVED]

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  • [SOLVED]

    Fixing glitched dialogs

    Note: The solution will reset your Quick Bar (toolbar just under the ribbon).

    If you haven't customized the Quick Bar then just do the 2 steps below.

    If you want to be able to restore your Quick Bar customizations, see the "Backing up your Quick Bar" section first (farther below).

    1. From the main menu bar, choose File, then click the "Preferences" button.

    2. On the "General" tab, at the bottom click the "Reset dialogs" button.


    Backing up your Quick Bar

    There are two ways to do this,

    Screenshots: Take screenshots of the items, and later restore them by hand.

    RegEdit: Use the windows Registry editor to export the relevant data, and later restore by clicking the exported ".reg" file.


    1. Right click the Ribbon or Quick Bar, and choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar..."

    2. Use Alt + Printscreen to capture the items in the list. (You may need to scroll.)

    3. Paste or save the resulting image(s) somewhere handy.

    4. Do the steps in the "Fixing glitched dialogs" section above, and then restore your customizations by recreating them.



    Important! Do NOT use this method unless you're comfortable editing the windows registry.

    Messing up the registry by accident can prevent your computer from booting.

    1: Open RegEdit, and navigate to:


    2: Right click the "BCGWorkspace" folder icon, choose "Export", and save the .reg file to your desktop.

    3: Do the steps in the "Fixing glitched dialogs" section above, and then restore your customizations by double-clicking the exported .reg file.


    [Original issue]

    Both the Condition and Action object browser windows suddenly became glitched.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Image & Description

    The browser area extends to the window-top, under the Info and Search elements.

    The bottom buttons are displaced upwards off the bottom panel area, and don't respond to clicks.

    I can't think of anything I've changed or done that would cause this.

    I couldn't find anyone else with this issue though, so it seems like it's probably something weird on my end.

    I'm at a loss for what's going on, and C2 is currently not really usable in this state.

    Ruled out

    It doesn't seem to affect any other windows in C2, nor any other windows in any other program.

    Hadn't updated C2, or graphics drivers.

    Hadn't updated windows as far as I know.


    I've tried installing an older version of C2 that worked, but the problem persisted.

    Tried re-installing the current version of C2, but no luck.

    Both installs applied the built-in uninstall step of the installer, but I don't know how extensive that uninstall job is or what it affects.

    Perhaps there are elements I could manually uninstall that would resolve this.

    OS and Service Pack

    Win7 x64 - Pro


    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 247 (64- bit) checked

    Built at 13:33:48 on Sep 21 2017

    Release Notes

  • Hey Ashley, I don't want to take up your time with something that may only affect one person, but if you have any quick thoughts or suggestions, I'm all ears. If not, no worries, I'll keep looking into it. If I figure out a solution I'll post back here.

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  • Try pressing 'Reset dialogs' in settings.

  • You're the best, Ashley!

    That fixed it!

    Somehow the registry data representing the dialog's layout got a bit messed.

    I must have done something weird. I don't recall anything, but it might have been something like stretching it to max height, getting sidetracked, and then hot-key moving the whole application to a monitor with a smaller vertical resolution while the dialog was still open.

    I assume the dialog's data is somewhere in,


    I checked the registry before doing the restore, and exported the Quick Bar data, so I could restore my customizations after the reset.


    (Quick Bar and other workspace stuff as far as I know.)

    After resetting, everything was restored to defaults, including the Quick Bar, and I was able to set that back to my custom configuration just by running the exported .reg file.

    I updated the topic name to indicate that it's solved, and wrote up instructions for resetting the dialogs, and optionally backing up the Quick Bar first.

    Thanks again.

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