Concerns with the Light/Shadow so far

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  • UberLou ,

    You can emulate falloff distance with a falloff sprite and blending modes. Not ideal but it can happen. See this attached example.


    Also, check my flash light example in this topic for a similar case:

  • 2) Directional Light. I would like a light to mimic light from the sun, so that all shadows go in the same direction.

    I'm not 100% positive that this will work, but I think that if you place the light really really (really) far away, you'll get something like a directional light.

  • Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I' am also in favor of a directional light.

    Although I can confirm that Fimbul is correct in his/her thinking. A far away ShadowLight source will cast virtually parallel shadows. Those shadows will be very long though, but you can compensate that by increasing the ShadowLight's Height parameter (the higher the value the more vertical is the light source), and by decreasing the ShadoeCaster's Height parameter (this is the behavior that is added to each sprite that casts shadows).

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  • Fimbul I originally tried that and it does kind of work. Though like you said, you have to place the light way far outside the layout, which is kind of messy and also makes me wonder if its very resource intensive to have to calculate a light that far away. Not sure on that...Thanks though!

    eli0s Thanks for the capx! I'll try that out tonight.

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