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  • Hey guys, developing my first phone game here, currently testing over wi fi on an HTC with Android. Game runs fine visually and event-wise, but the sounds take forever to load despite preloading, and then go out of sync frequently. Is this because of A.) Weak Wi Fi connection B.) Google Chrome on Mobile or C.) Game memory ? Currently at 12.3 mb of memory use with a 1.3 mb download. Trying not to go TOO MUCH higher than that but by the time the games finished I might hit 15-20 mb of memory. What do you guys think?

  • If I were you, I'd do a test apk export and test the sounds that way. If the delay problems are solved with an apk, then you shouldn't worry.

    If you don't want to test the export, then my second guess would be Google Chrome on windows. Are the sounds delayed as well with the desktop Chrome (running the test on localhost)?

  • So is there a way to test an apk without uploading to the play store? I've compiled with coccoonjs & am making preparations to upload, but i still need to test the sounds. Perhaps there is a tutorial you could point me to?

  • KyleSousDor once you build you should get an .APK file just install that directly to your phone to test. Google something like " installing 3rd party apps android "if you have never installed an app without play store before

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  • So you're saying that once I get the 2 .APK files from cocoonjs, they can be opened/installed with my phone? When I tried I just got a black screen. Perhaps something went wrong with the export. I'm going to try again. Thanks.

  • Hello,

    If you just can see a blank screen it means that there was an error and nothing is being painted on the canvas. Please, check the logcat to see if there are errors or incompatible features.


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