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  • I would like to manage the quality/weight of my image files by myself.

    Is it possible to export a game without the images to be compressed? I mean that the images are copied from their source at the time of export.


  • I don't believe there is an option like that as C2's compression is quite good, so I don't see the need to do it yourself.

    If you must though, you could try saving the images as the highest quality png files and compress them from there.

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  • you can use ur images to be loaded from an url... that way no images will be exported... but the empty sprites.. however... will kinda be hard to do an animations like that.. cause on each frame you will have to load a specific url .. but then if u dont have any animations (as in games) but you want to make apps... software functionalities and ul have only a bg and some effects around... that will do the trick ...

    not sure if u can load full sprite sheets in a sprite to be used as an animation from an url... never hit that wall

    can i ask why u want the images no to be exported? outside that "i want to manage the quality and size " <- never heard that one sorry XD i might be a weird one

    if u think ur png files are to big and to heavy.. you can try different software's as tinypng[dot]com . or using a hard compression from Photoshop exporting?

    just an idea ... dont want to be rude...

  • This is not about quality of compression that offers Construct 2 which amply satisfies me.

    I'm working on a "difference game" and I mainly use jpeg files. Each main image is along with its own set of small images that represent the differences (superimposed on the main picture).

    I will probably exceed the 100 images, many files multiplied by the number of small images. Therefore managing compressed images out of Construct would be very helpful for me.

    At a glance, the ideal for me would be to know the quality of the image before importing it into my project.

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