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  • Hi Guys, I am new on this forum and I have never used Construct 2 yet and before it happens I would like to know a few things:

    • Did anybody use Construct 2 for complex adventure game? Something like point&click adventures?
    • Does Construct 2 support most of the platforms? PC, Mac, Ios, Xbox, PS, Android, W8 tablets etc.
    • Is it possible to create such a things like: Layers, parallax, perspective scaling, text with audio dialogs, complex story telling, lots of puzzles etc
    • Does Construct 2 has some nice looking shaders like: water (any liquids thickness), fire, particle effects, bloom, depth of field...
    • Post productions? like: brightness/contrast and hue/saturation transitions
    • What about lighting and raycasting shadows (if its just 2D engine)
    • How does it work with hires images? 2048x1536 or 8190x1536 (scrolling image)

    Thanks you for answers

  • Is a 2d engine, but you can download and test free.

    Have webgl effects (water...) have particles etc...

    no big textures (are limited by some hardware) but you can use tiles

    but better you can download

  • Yes. But it is limited by your ability to use the tool. And your ability is only acquired by actually mastering the software.

    I have seen some super advanced/complex point&click adventure games with waterfalls, wind blowing in trees, puzzles etc.

    But it took a considerable amount of time, and skill to make.

    But no matter what engine (some engines better geared for point&click) will take time to learn, and develop.

    No matter what engine, you won't be able to make a fully fledged game on their free versions, if they have free versions. At least C2 allows you a lot of room to explore, try out. 100 events is a lot.

    Understand one thing. What you trying to do is hard. It is complex. It will take time (lots of it) and probably cost a lot for assets, tools etc.

    All the complex, worth while adventure (point&click) games I've seen took over a year to make. Most almost 2 years.

    Nice list of engines.

    Personal choice: Unity3d, Construct2, gamemaker, and in your case (ADVENTURE GAME STUDIO, VISIONAIRE ADVENTURE STUDIO, other point-click adventure engines[big list])

  • If you're starting from scratch, I honestly wouldn't recommend Construct. I'm working on a first-person adventure game in C2 at the moment and the only reason why I decided to use that instead of Visionaire, is because I'm already familiar with Construct (and I already own it, obviously).

    Starting from the beginning you'll have to learn whichever tool you choose - C2 is far more flexible overall, but Visionaire will allow you to get a point-and-click game up and running much more quickly. In particular, I think beginners to C2 will struggle greatly with creating a dialogue system, and inventory management isn't difficult, but does require a decent knowledge of the software.

  • Also, the Wintermute engine is a good choice for 2d,2.5d or 3d point and click games, and it's free.

  • Thank you guys a lot for your help! I am appreciated...

    I will definitely try Wintermute engine, because its free and made for adventure games with 3D characters.

    BTW, if somebody would like to join me to make a demo version of my adventure game, you are more than welcome

    because I am artist.

  • Don't forget, the engine needs to be capable to exporting to where you want the game. It's no use creating something you can't export to Kong, if that's where you wish to have your game.

  • paprik123456 I am a programmer and have my own game engine in c++

    if you need a programmer contact me privately

  • Thanks bjadams, they locked my PM till I have 500 something... so you can contact me on skype patrik3dspacek

    email cannot be post as well... uh, so limited here :/


  • added u on skype

  • I'm still working on my own adventure game engine in construct 2. I have not made any progress in a while because at the moment all my free time goes to updating my 3d portfolio, but so far I have been able to recreate the interface of the old lucasart games:

    So I believe, with some work, like everything, it can be done in construct 2. Sure, adventure game studio would probably be a better choice for what I'm trying to achieve, but I like construct better.

  • Lof: you have to send me a email... PM doesnt work

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  • OlivierC: Nice work on that! Maybe you can share some development with me, and I can try to implement it for my game. PM, doesnt work again, so skype or email.

  • You can also check out The blue Code at .

    C2 only limitation are limited to ones own talent. Take your project is small chunks.

  • OlivierC Very nice work work. Care to open up a new thread and elaborate some more about it?

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