Completely Uninstalling Construct 2

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  • Hello, I am having issues with Construct 2 on one machine, while it runs fine on another. I'm trying to widdle down possible reasons for this by completely uninstalling Construct 2 from my system, but it still seems to be leaving some files and/or registry entries on the system.

    I've uninstalled like normal through Windows (Windows 10), deleted any remaining folders in the programs folder on the system, and then reboot the system to clear system memory. But when I re-install cleanly, Construct 2 pops up with all my settings, license activation, even recent files list as if nothing happened. Obviously it is leaving something behind, and my errors persist as well. Do I need to get a professional registry cleaner to wipe Construct off my system? That would seem rather excessive for a program which can supposedly run off a usb drive.

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  • did you remove your roaming c2 folder?

    c:/users/yourusername/AppData/Roaming/Construct 2?

  • You can just manually delete the registry key if you want to try that by removing HKCU\SOFTWARE\Scirra\Construct2 in regedit. (Be careful with regedit, if you change anything else you could break things, but removing C2's key is fine)

  • Thank you, I successfully deleted the registry data and did a clean install. Sadly this has not fix my error, but it's at least (hopefully) taking me closer to figuring things out. I will post about the error on another thread.

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