Is a completely native android app possible?

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  • I know very little about coding and such so I could be way off the mark here, but!...

    Will C2 ever be able to export to apk directly without the need for third party sites? And, is it possible to get the apk compiled of native android code rather than it just being essentially a standalone browser/html5 wrapper.

    I'm thinking performance-wise. I can emulate a PS1 on my phone perfectly but yet an app made with C2 lags? I understand HTML5 is new grounds and speed will improve over time, but I'm asking will we ever be exporting or compiling apk's that result in something more compatible and native to android than a html5 wrapper for our games.

    This is by no means a grievance with C2, I'm just wondering what's likely and what's possible in the future.

  • It is possible but one would have to rewrite the entire runtime plugins included in a framework for Android that is flexible enough such as libGDX(low level wrapper - java - for opengl with some convenience high level classes). I don't think this is coming anytime soon if ever. Everything is moving to the Web there's no coming back. Let's hope Android get's full support for WebGL at full speed. In this, Flash, not dead yet it seems, surpassed WebGL, by running at full speed on iOS and Android recently in new Air version with Stage3D tech. I , from a programmer's point of view still prefer Flash, much better to program with, but the future is HTML5 it seems so let's hope HTML5 (that symbolically encompasses WebGL) catches on soon.

  • any updates since last post? has anyone found a way to convert to real app versus wrapper?

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  • now just Android mobiles and tablets are enough fast to handle C2,

    also CocoonJS do the good job [but there is still problem with having similar monetization options, comparing to Java devs]

  • devices are now faster, but even though cocoon says my game runs at 60fps, its still choppy here and there with my spawning enemies. It makes me want to find a solution, but maybe I just need to wait for some future patches.

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