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  • Guys,

    There is the possibility of integrating a compiler behind the construct?

    For example: Suppose I have a game he makes a programming operation and then test this expression in a compiler.

    There is that possibility?

  • I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want to be able to compile a .capx to HTML5 from the command line, for example?

  • More like this:

    I have a screen I need to do a test table, the user in the game that will put the values??. That done, he will give the compiler the result is worked out.

    Is it possible?

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  • Somebody?

  • I'm like Ashley, I'm still not sure what you mean.

    Define what a compiler is to you.

    Else, purely with events in C2 you can compare values using for example the system:Compare two values condition.

  • Assuming a programming code

    int (int value1, int value2) {

    return value1 + value2;


    The values ??passed by parameters should be collected in the game. For example: value1 is the number of times that the character died, and value2 is the score.

    My question is: Is it possible to take these values ??in the game and do the calculation or test in any compiler?

  • In C2, the "values" could be global variables.

    If you want, you can pass them out of your application through an AJAX call for example, but AJAX will be "limited" to communicating with a webserver.

    It still appears as something strange to do.

    A compiler is something that changes code into an executable application.

    Why would you pass the value of HTML5 variables to a compiler ?

  • You can use javascript functions like this with the custom callJs plugin.. for debugging you can use with that plugin console.log or a simple alert.. but me too don't really understand the word compiler.. ;)

  • I'm not sure you really mean a compiler. Maybe the Function plugin is what you're after?

  • He wants to get user input and manipulate this input(I else don't know if its possible.)

    Like a textbox,insert number of lives you want. Them make this number the value of a variable for example.

  • SplashHunt: There is a textbox plugin built in C2.

    Put the textbox somewhere on your layout, and make a global variable.

    For example use an event:

    "TextBox: on text change"

    -> Action set Global_Variable to TextBox.text

    Still the original question makes little sense.

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