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  • How it's going to work

    For various reasons we've had to split all the entries into multiple polls. For each group, vote for the game you think should win the Users Choice Trophy.

    The top 2 entries from each poll will then go into the finals poll.

    PLEASE NOTE: These votes will have no influence on me and Ashley's choice of winners. Also please note that the winner could also win a prize as well as the users choice trophy as originally planned.

    How groups were decided

    All entries were randomly shuffled.


    Corvidae - "Parsec" -

    Urled - "Space Junk Cleanup Squad" -

    Maxum - "Astro Blaster" -

    calyston00 - "Escape from the Space Giants" -

    ericrevollo - "Wom Hole" -

    gonzdevour - "Mantchet - Ewig Wiederkehren" -

    Kastas - "Trashoid Attack" -

    scidave - "Solar Prison" -

    gonzdevour - "Space Jigsaw" -

  • Kastas

    Trashoid Attack was a brilliant graphical work. The most polished game in the competition in my opinion and the only one I played to completion. Really shows off what you can do in Construct 2. Only negative was "Shift" kept on bringing up my "sticky keys" menu.

    I was totally blown away by the overall quality/variety of the games in the compo. Good luck all!

  • Thank you for kind words. What compliment can be better than hearing "I played to completion".

  • Kastas check our blog

  • Voted for Parsec!

    I tried making a similar one for Classic a few years ago, but the complexity kinda made me quit. Parsec is simple and entertaining, and could be improved with other features and become a killer game!

    Also loved Solar Prison - it looks very promising, but the difficulty didn't let me go far!

    I'm still playing the others, but there's just SO many! :P

  • Thanks Gammabeam! I did have bigger plans for the game but ended up putting most of my time into the usability. I found it was probably too confusing if you didn't know what you had to do and so added all the hints.

    I've already got a new version well underway with a bigger galaxy, the ability to probe planets to find the best resources, relics that can be sold, 'Armageddon' events that destroy planets or mines and a vastly improved customer order/trade system. Most importantly though some actual art assets so the planets aren't all the same haha!

    I want it to stay simple to play but with a bit of added depth for those who want to sink their teeth into it.

    Thanks again for your kind words, it means a lot :)

    Also, I really liked Trashoid. The attack method was rather creative and I loved the style of it, it was just genuinely good fun.

  • Well well well! There were so much nice entries!

    I just loved Trashoid presentation, everything was polished in there!!!

    Way to go Kastas!!!

    I also liked Mantchet kinda reminded me of StartControl2.

    I'm little sad mine didn't get many votes but I guess it's was a little too much generic! But I'll give myself a pat in the back 'cause it's was my first try at Construct (usually i'm more into the 3d stuff like Unity!)

    Congrats to all!

  • calyston00 It was good, I enjoyed it - I couldn't beat it though :( I did enjoy the game over screen with the skeleton guy though, that made me chuckle! It was a very charming game. I tried playing it again but I just get a white screen at the moment, not sure why.

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  • I agree with gamma, that's a diamond in the rough there.

  • Corvidae - "Parsec" Really interesting.

  • - Thanks for commenting on my entry!

    Since I have little chance in winnning a prize at this point I've updated my entry to make it easier. Please give it a chance at let me know what you think!

    Also, would welcome any other critique on what would make it better.

    Once I get more time I'll comment on some more games...really enjoyed several others here. :-)

  • scidave

    I think it's still too difficult. Can't destroy the first enemies around the coin. Even after talking to the lost ship and transferring all the fuel to energy. And when I avoid them, I get lost instantly. A minimap would be good or some planets to make it easier to navigate. I've tried to explore the space, but it was like empty space, empty space, empty space, bunch of enemies shows up, kicks my butt, back to start.

  • Noga - Thanks! It is really interesting getting people's view on the game and how they play it. There are actually planets, but I have it random so they might not show up as frequently as they should.

    I'll take a few days tweak some more values to make it easier, and new content so the space isn't as sparse, and then once I get it done I'll put up a new post.

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