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  • scirra any scirra competitions any time soon or is the tizen contest considered a scirra competition

  • I'm hoping for a competition/jam to kick off the new arcade (if not sooner).

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  • That would be a lot of fun. Can we(the community) host our own or do something fun like that? I wouldn't mind trying to organize some kind of amateur hour thing (since I myself am an amateur). I think that would be really awesome to have more creation contests and such.

  • Competitions can be a great way to promote Construct 2.

    I'm surprised that there isn't an official or commissioned Scirra game already out to help promote Construct 2.

    I remember Blender had that god awful Elephant Dreams video (Which looked amazing). YoYo Games have released quite a few game. I'm sure there's more to add to that list.

    Pull a few talented volunteers together and either produce a nice little advertising piece, tidy seller, or maybe even both!

    I feel like taking part in a competition. The last one I remember was for Windows 8, which is a shame because I don't have Windows 8. Would be nice if it was slightly more open somehow. Make a PC game using Node? Get onto Steam? Make an Android game?

  • Maybe even some smaller, community based events for the best demo of something? Something to hype the Scirra community.

  • AnD4D - If you want to make a little gem I'm up for it :) I like competitions and all, but really all I want to get experience working on an SVN with other C2 users.

  • Tobye - I'd really enjoy working on a game with another construct 2 user. The problem with C2 is that the user base are primarily designers and artists, and all have their own games already planned out.

    This generally leads of conflict. Also, the software isn't exactly easily open to collaboration unless it's perfectly planned out.

    The best kind of collaboration is when a programmer and an artist come together.

    How's your graphical skills? <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • AnD4D - Yeah I think you are right, but also that's not the way it should be. C2 is great because it is fast, and having 2 people will get things done 4x faster. So, it's in everyone's interest to work together in at least small groups, then we all get our games faster than we could alone while helping others.

    But what you say is true, it's not the easiest thing to collaborate on, which is why I want more practice doing so! :D So far it's been mainly me and my artist, then also a few small collabs without an SVN, and they are hell, but I think on SVN should be pretty cruisy.

    And my graphical skills are totally dreadful, which is why I work with a fantastic artist ;) My real love is design and engine creation. I am forever refining and recreating systems to make development easier.

    If you find you want a little help I'm happy to lend a few hours here and there obligation free even. My artist could through together a few pieces for us too if it's something original. I just think the community needs to pull together more if we want to see some grand games come about.

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