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  • Has anyone tried to to make a working compass for mobile phones.

    Would it be possible with geo locations ?

    As someone who has done this, kindly like to share a example.


  • "Would it be possible with geo locations ?"

    Not really, since you only have 1 point (and can rotate the display however you want).

    What is possible would be determining in which direction you are moving compared to north pole, but since you can rotate your device as you want while moving, a compass-like behavior is not really possible (that you have a needle that always points northwards no matter how you rotate the device).

  • Just use the Touch.Alpha expression.

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  • Thanks for the replies. ( me happy )

    It's even in the manual my mistake and thanx again Ashley.

    The Touch object also provides input from the accelerometer (motion) and inclinometer (tilt/compass direction) if the device supports them.

  • Sorry to revive such an old post, but I've been doing some testing on this trying to come up with a compass and it seems to me the alpha value is relative, not absolute. That is, it shows the rotation in relation to an arbitrary point set, aparently, when the call is first made and not the the actual North itself.

    Am I right? Is there any way to get the absolute North in Construct?

    Thanks in advance.

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