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  • Hey everybody. I've recently been working on some tool I've wanted to do for quite a while now. Thanks to this, I've learned loads of things concerning regular expressions. Whatever, I'm close to finishing it. Still a few bugfixing to do as well as some graphic imagery to add and stuff like that. Anyway, here it is, something I named the "Event Sheet maker".

    "What's the purpose of this?", I hear you saying, well, this is done to help people. When you gotta help someone with some code, you have 3 possibilities:

    • They gave you the .capx that you edit and send back along with explaination
    • You have to open construct and redo everuthing from the ground up to replicate the code he has and somehow correct his code and send a screen back
    • You just send a text version of the code that looks somehow like this: *System:Every 5 seconds *Keyboard: Espace is pressed *Player: (invert) is dead ->Player: Spawn Bullet at image point 0 ->Bullet: Set Bullet angle to (Player.Angle)

    So I made a tool that lets you quickly recreate an event sheet without having to worry about objects and errors. Without having to even open Construct while staying clear enough.

    Here's an example:

  • If you can make it work, it could be a great tool as we currently still can't attach our files to the forum (which is a bummer really, if we could attach a screenshot it would be far easier and we would have it not being lost).

    Tbh I had this idea too once but it was far too primitive, however the advantage was that we could share a single link that shows an event sheet.

    It could also be a nice tool if we need to write down an event sheet while away from the computer if it runs on phones.

  • Yeah, I'm trying to have the tool automatically create a link that you can juste copy and paste.

    Having it to work on phone should not be very hard as there are only a few controls.

  • Looks like a nice thing to have. But what I really miss is the ctrl+c and ctrl+v on events like in old Construct Classic.

  • I don't get what you mean. I never really used Construct Classic, so I can't tell. Anyway, bugfix is done, I'm currently working on the screen save system, the instructions and the Icon viewer.

  • Looks like a nice thing to have. But what I really miss is the ctrl+c and ctrl+v on events like in old Construct Classic.

    How do you mean? They are working for me in C2.

  • Yeah, me too. I imagined he was talking about a way Construct Classic managed the copy/paste without having to recreate objects and/or recreated objects automatically. I don't know.

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  • I had to install CC just to make sure my memory was correct. And partially it was. In CC you could select an event and press "Copy as text"

    For example "Copy as text" on this events

    gave you that after pasting it in notepad or wherever.

    + System: Start of layout
    -> Sprite: Set opacity to 100
    + MouseKeyboard: On any key pressed
    -> Sprite: Destroy[/code:1klkp4w4]
    So testing/debugging with others was quite fast cause it was literally  copy and paste without  wasting time on uploading and sharing images.
    For some reason I remembered incorrectly that works both sides,  but just checked in CC r2 and unfortunately you can't copy back from Notepad and paste on CC to recreate those events. 
    So it's only one way solution, just like pressing F8 in C2 to export events as image.
  • Oh, so that's where the writing convention came from


    Anyway, I'm about to release the sources, here and on some other forums, so every body can try to improve the sharing system.

    For the moment, I'm aiming at having the app automatically share a link to an image and/or having a database that would via indexes in base 64 store a piece of code someone would have uploaded.

  • Hey, it's been a while I did not update things here.

    So basically, I did not have much time recently to work on any personnal project, so finishing this one took me quite some time. By "finishing" I mean leading it to where I initially wanted it to go, aka create a construct 2 event sheet and export it as a picture. I don't think I'll have the time to add anything else. Sorry :/... I'll maybe think about making it compatible on mobile, it shouldn't be too hard, but I don't think I'll ever have the time to work on the server based function that would store event sheets as single files or strings.

    So, what I'm doing is that I'm publishing the sources for this project at different points in time, if anyone wants to remake parts of the tool or add features, remove any bug there is, and so on.!M9dRFADa!pwUl8ee27Oci ... cdZWVGUP20

    The tool is available here:

    However, I'm sorry, because I wrote the command list in french, and I should have written it in english, like pretty much everything else x). So until I translate it, here are the few commands you can access:

    Drag on a UI element : Resize it

    Right click anywhere: Make the dropdown menu appear

    -Create : Event/Comment/Group/Variable

    -Add/Remove one depth: On actions make them go down/up, on other UI, simulates a sub event positionning

    -Move Up/Down: Moves up/down

    -Toggle OR Block: Works for conditions, make every new line become a -OR- separation

    -Toggle disabled: Makes the text a bit transparent (I couldn't have it crossed)

    -Destroy: Destroys

    Right click on a plus/minus icon: Change make it appear

    Left click on a plus/minus icon : Change its state

    Left click on a bookmark/breakpoint icon: Make it appear

    Double left click on a text: Edit it

    -"\n" adds a new line. For conditions, separates conditions

    -"\i[X]" adds the Xth icon. To see what number adds what Icon, you can use the Icon viewer in the menu.

    Middle button click: moves the camera

    Middle button wheel up/down: zooms the camera

    Middle button double click: Resets the camera state (100% zoom and focus at 0,0)

    I want to add that this is a community-made tool for the community, so it seems logic that neither I nor anyone who works on this project should deserve any credit for this. Do beautiful things if you can.

    EDIT: Commands have been translated and updated.

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