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  • Did a forum search.

    Could not find much on the topic.

    I know now we have the ability to copy between capxs (which, some of you may already know, is a bit of hit and miss for me).

    I noticed that when you have an instance of Construct 2 open, you can open multiple capxs within it, which then appear as if they're part of the same project (except for the outline view).

    I was thinking of designing my game in stages as opposed to one huge capx because there's less risk in terms of bugs and corruption down the line.

    I do see posts occasionally that something goes wrong with someone's huge 500 mg or 2gb file and then it's a nightmare to track, debug, or redo.

    Is there an easy way to combine capxs now into the same project?

  • AmpedRobot no there isn't. You have to manually create layouts and sheets and copy and paste between. It is a real pain.

    However, I am surprised to read you are wanting to create a game of such a huge size. Personally I doubt C2 is the best solution for that type of program. I cannot imagine how long it would take to load a game of that size.

  • Save your project as a "project", not as a .capx file. A .capx is just a .zip file of your project.

    When you save as a project, there are folders with all the graphics, event sheets etc. You can even open the event sheets and see the code for them.

    I like to save everything in a dropbox also, so even if a file gets corrupted, I can go back (not that it has ever happened).

  • czar

    Ok, that?s potentially a huge problem, which is why I?m investigating all these things before going too far down the road. It?s far easier and safer to create a game in small chunks or separate chunks for the stages, which should all be easily linkable.

    If I have to be stuck with one file, that?s potentially a nightmare scenario.

    I have had all sorts of corruptions, even on very simple projects, especially when doing funky, time saving things like copying code between projects, or reusing chunks of code in the same project (while quickly updating the sprite, then delete code, import new sprite, and paste same code with same sprite name).


    I have been saving as a project. I mis-spoke (old habit as everyone always says "show me the capx").

    So is there a way to exploit the folder structure to link 2 projects, officially, so something weird like a corrupt file does not pop up later?

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  • AmpedRobot someone was trying to do a merge utility but I think it feel into the too hard basket -

  • Git and SVN sound great if you want to have a team working on your project.

    I don't have any need of it because it's extra work and would drive me crazy with the versioning, branching, and updating.

    Tell me this.

    Is there a way at least to start one executable made with Node Web Kit from another executable?

    I'm thinking modularity is sorely needed for larger games to avoid losing one's mind over malfunctions.

    One could then pass variables between the small modular stages.

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