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  • Hello Construct 2 Forum!

    I've got a bit of an issue here regarding combat-based dynamic controls. I want to make Q and E do different things depending on which button W, A, S, D (not directional) was pressed prior to the use of either Q or E.

    Here's the breakdown and what I could think of doing but can't actually do (yet):

    • Press 'A' to turn Global Variable 'PlayerCombatState' to "Red". When Red is active, Q does an A.O.E attack and E does a thrust attack.
    • Press 'S' to turn Global Variable 'PlayerCombatState' to "Yellow". When Yellow is active, Q is an A.O.E stun/repel and E is a more linear/direct block/stun/repel.
    • Press 'W' or 'D' to turn Global Variable 'PlayerCombatState' to "Non-Combat". When Non-Combat is active, Q and E are more mundane actions but I've not decided them as of yet.

    This may sound fairly simple at first but I'm also trying to consider:

    • How to disable one while the other is active
    • How to stop Enemy AI from damaging you when you are in the Yellow state
    • How to move the player forwards as they commit to the thrust attack- How to knock-back enemy AI that collide with the player while the player is pressing Q

    Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated

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  • Hey aforster, This should get you started, its how you can deal with the control side of things.

    The rest is doable, I suggest checking out all the platforming tutorials you can get your hands on. Might seem a little hard at first but you'll pick it up quickly im sure.

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