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  • Ok I got a bit of a weird problem and I can't make a screenshot of it, cause it only happens when its moving. And when i make a foto of it, it gets blurry. So I made a custom picture of what happens.

    It is as if the darker colours are behind and overlap the lighter colours.

    I only have this when exporting for Android(cocoonjs)and my character is moving. So I don't have it on my pc.

    Do I need to change settings of C2? or is it something else..

    Sorry cant post URl <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Update:

    I tested my game on 2 devices of my own who had this problem. Now I also tested it on a my wife's device(new mobile) and it didn't had it. The question remains what can I do about it..

    Another thing with mobile. I always have that it somewhat lags. FPS is still above 50, but it somehow stutters. Fps does goes from 60 to 50 at those moments..

  • Have you tested it compiling your game on the cocoonJS cloud compiler?

    I experienced some gfx glitches with the last cocoonJS launcher that disappear in the compiled apk.

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