Collisions spawning multiple Sprites

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  • Okay so I have an animated Fireball Sprite, with Bouncing Bullet Behavior. My collisions are set just inside the Layout border. So when in gameplay, not every collision, but most, the sprite begins to multiply. Any info on what is causing that?

  • It would be easier to diagnose with a capx example.

    My best guess would be that you actually have many sprites stacked on top of each other. You can't tell at first, but when they bounce there are slight rounding differences for the bounce angles and they separate and you can see them.

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  • Hmmmm, I'm new to this but I'll try and post a capx. The sprite itself is made up of several frames?

  • Fireballs are not actually multiplying. The problem is that you cast multiple fireballs at once. You don't notice that because they are moving on top of each other and look like one sprite, but sometimes they collide with the wall at slightly different angles and separate into several sprites.

    "Caster Animation frame=15" condition lasts longer than one frame, that's why multiple fireballs are spawned.

    You need to add "System Trigger once" condition to your event #5.

    Use Debug Mode (Ctrl-F4), you'll have a much better understanding of what's going on in your game.

    Also I suggest adding "Destroy outside layout" behavior to the fireball.

    And make the same collision polygon for all fireball frames - it will make collisions more predictable and accurate.

  • Thank you guys

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