Collisions polygons DO have decimals!

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  • While setting up physics for some objects in my game, it took me a while to figure out why piles of objects would always fall, even with perfectly "flat" collision polygons coordinates...

    And that's because collision vertex DO have decimals and they're not shown at all in the UI, so can we please have whether a decimal display, or snapping to round numbers?

    If you look closely, you can see that the lines at not exactly flat, but it's hard to see really, and I doubt it would be perfectly flat anyway

    Here is a capx to illustrate that.

    The green and yellow boxes are placed exactly the same way

    Green boxes have a "perfect" collision polygon, with the automatic detection

    Yellow boxes have the same collision vertex coordinates, as far as the UI can tell, but in fact there are decimals, as I placed them with the mouse

    Green boxes will stand and yellow boxes will fall


    For now I guess I will always move the vertex with the keyboard arrows, but whether a snap or real decimals are necessary here I believe

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  • Yeah if you zoom in very closely and move the collision polygon, it can be placed midway through the pixels. I second this suggestion.

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